Choosing a Hair Dryer | What’s the Best?

Drying Hair with Hair DryerA Hair Dryer is critical for salon quality results, as a bad hair dryer can lead to dry, frizzy, brittle hair with no volume or shine. The wattage, materials used to make the dryer, technologies and even the weight, can make a difference between fab and drab hair.

Hair Drying Technique: You should never start a blowout with wet hair. Wrap in a towel (as rough drying can cause breakage) or air dry as much as possible before applying heat - and never let a brush touch you’re until its 80-90% dry. If you’re using the right Shampoo and Conditioner then tangles and knots should not be a problem.

Wattage: While generally speaking more is better, the higher wattage is not just more powerful overall, its more efficient. Efficiency means less heat more wind giving even dispersion and consistency so you don’t dry and damage hair. Low quality hair dryers can destroy hair.

Look for adjustable heat settings and a cold setting to apply the proper amount of heat to dry, and finish with cold for more volume and lift. The cold setting also allows for a quick blast at the end sealing the cuticle and giving a sleek shiny finish.

Ceramic: Replacing metal or plastic internal components with ceramic allows the hair dryer to give off more consistent and less harsh heat. It also assists with releasing negative ions (see “Ionic & Tourmaline” below). This is great for thin or dry hair.

Ionic & Tourmaline: Ionic hair dryers release negative ions to both speed drying by as much as 80% by breaking up water droplets and reduce damage from heat. Also reduces frizz and is considered a must-have feature for quality blow dryers, especially if you have thick hair.

Infrared: Infrared uses longer wavelengths to penetrate hair and dry it from the inside out. This also reduces dry time and heat applied.

A quality hair dryer like our ultra-light Prodryer-X with removable air filter, 9 foot power cord and more, is a must for beautiful salon quality hair.