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Very good quality hair brush

I have fine hair and the brush is a perfect match for me, very gentle but still give you volume, light to handle.

Lovely brush

It works well... Good product


Good Value never used such a large brush before and i love it !!

Well made.

Brush was perfect for what I wanted and made well, very sturdy and bristles held in solid, haven’t used it as it’s a gift. Box did come with slight damage but was easily fixed.

Best brush I’ve had!!

I got this brush for Christmas and honestly it’s my favorite I’ve owned so far! It grips my hair without pulling it, doesn’t scratch my scalp despite the metal bristles (and I was sceptic not going to lie), and distributes my hair so evenly over the barrel! I have only good things to say about this product. :)

Mighty Fine Brush
Mrsa V. Vaughan
I LOVE this brush!

I have fine hair in a pixie style short cut. I find my hard challenging to maintain. I take a lot of time and care with it and use high quality hair products but it often looks a bit frizzy and does not hold its shape well. This brush gave my hair more shine and shape than I have experienced before. My hair held its shape for longer and I did not have to keep touching it up or fret about how it looked. A very good quality brush. Very pleased with this purchase.

Great brush!

Great brush! I ended up ordering another one in a different size. Handle is great and ergonomic! Definitely would recommend!

the best brush

This brush is absolutely, hands down, the best I ever owned! It’s incredibly light, gives volume and shine to my hair, and cuts drying time in half. My favorite part is the bristles. They dont have those pesky “dipped” tips, as most brushes, yet somehow feel way more pleasant. LOVE it!

Amazing and worth it!

Whenever I blow dry my hair it is a huge ball, and it is super puffy, using this brush to blow dry my hair out made my hair super smooth and soft and basically look like I straighten my hair without even touching it with a flat iron. It is super easy to use and it makes my hair feel very very soft, especially if you don’t wash your hair for a couple of days like I do, it works really really well, makes my hair feel incredibly softer and it makes it feel like it’s even stronger. Would recommend to everybody! Especially if you have curly hair and have trouble straightening it often, I would use this, it is cut my time in half for flat iron my hair

Not your average users

I have found that the Pure Elegance 43mm round brush is just what I needed to style my beard. Here is a picture with one side styled to see the difference. I like that this is longer than a standard bush, so that I can keep the whole curl on the brush while styling. It also works well when I want to straighten my beard and get a lot of the curl out of it for a more smooth natural look... much easier that a straightening iron.

Cut my drying time in half!

Great brush, but the description is misleading. The inner core of the brush is 1.3" but the diameter with the bristles is 2.0". I had been looking for a smaller diameter brush and almost returned it, until an inner voice nudged me to try it. I am profoundly glad that I did, as it cut my drying time in half - at least! I can only guess that because of how the bristles are positioned, they lift and seperate my hair and allows for quicker drying. I would whole heartedly recommend this!

Awesome product

To Whom It May Concern:I recently purchased through Amazon one of your round brushes. The Pure Elegance Thermic Round Brush, 43mm.I scoured over every word regarding this brand, and type of brush. It had so many benefits and the idea of how my hair would feel after brushing it was a very appealing consideration.I've used it for several days now, and I can report with complete candor that this brush does everything it claims to do. It is lightweight, it moves through my hair smoothly without catching. Hair that it wet or dry, no problem. I blow dried my hair using the brush and I did not need any other styling tool. The shine on my hair was amazing!!I'm so glad that I gave this brush a chance! I've told quite a few people about it and they all want the link to get their own.👍👍Thank you once again!!

This brush gave me chills!!

I recently purchased my Osensia brush to replace a cheaper brand that had little tips on the bristles. The tips started falling off within the first few months and the bristles were very sharp to my scalp. When I received my Osensia, I immediately brushed my hair with it and it caused a chill to run down my neck. Seriously! It was a wonderful feeling!!! I am so happy I purchased this brush!!! I could see the difference in how shiny my hair has become in such a short time. I highly recommend this brush.

Happy I choose this brush instead of others

Best brush for my bangs that I’ve had yet. I researched a couple of different brands and I’m happy I went with this option.

Highly recommend

I absolutely love this brush. My hair is thin and I’ve avoided round hair brushes for years. With this new round brush I never have any problems with it getting tangles in my hair. Also adds volume to myhair.

Comfort and adds volume

It’s really comfort to hold while styling your hair and brush feels hard but it’s really soft when curling it around hair and adds lots of lift and volume to your style

Phenomenal Brush

Highly recommend this brush. I have a medium length, fine, thin hair. No static and my hair does not get caught in this brush. Love, love, love it!

Brush unlike the rest

This hairbrush is in a league of its own. I thought I liked the brush I had before this one but the two don't even compare. This one is so light, its much faster to dry your hair, and the layers separate easier with his hair brush (really don't know how to explain it). I have to admit I am a fan of red so I love the color of the brush too. The bristles seem to not massage but kind of tease your scalp which feels so good.

Great brush, leaves hair full of body

This is a great brush. I have long fine hair and it leaves my hair full of body and silky soft. Great product, definitely recommend to others.

Long barrel = LOVE

Absolutely love this brush!!! I have very long hair and it used to take 35+ to dry now I am done in 15 mins even right out of the shower. No tangles, no static, no over drying, no hair loss. And this extra long barrel LOVE IT!!!

Great Brush

Recently got a short hair cut. All of my styling brushes were for my shoulder length hair. I saw other brushes at a lesser price. However, this brush offers a longer barrel. Loads of vents to speed up hair drying. I love this brush, and when other sizes I own need replacement, I will buy another one of this Brand.

Finally a solid but gentle grip with a long barrel

This is my go-to styling brush in my collection. Perfect size barrel for just past shoulder length hair, which dries& styles quickly. It's one of the few brushes that grips well but gently, without tangling or tearing my hair. The extra barrel length takes on more hair per grip, cutting styling time way down, for me. And it happens to be a beautiful brush, so I'm very pleased indeed. A terrific design.

Best brush I have ever used!

Due to an abundance of caution related to the pandemic, I have not had a haircut in 6 months. My fine, thick, heavy hair is getting difficult to style and blow-dry. This brush allows me to roll the brush through my hair as I dry it with no tangling. And I don't end up with a lot of hair in the brush when I am done. I ordered this brush in the smaller diameter after using this one in hopes of being able to get a haircut again one day and have a styling brush for my shorter hair.

I love it!

I actually ordered a smaller version of this brush. I received a 3" instead and it's is wonderful. I recently had my hair cut very short and this brush really gives lift and is so very easy to handle. I love it.

Greatest brush so far.

Made hair drying time faster. Does not tangle hair. Easy to use. Worth the money for sure.

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