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Salon Sleek Blowout Brush 1.3"
Works great for grey hair!

I’ve noticed recently that I’m getting more and more gray hair. I don’t mind the color at all but the texture can be coarse and a little wiry. With a regular brush my hair turns out frizzy after I dry it.This brush is amazing! I’ve been using it for about two months now just to make sure I really liked it. It’s easy to hold, grabs all my hair and I have a lot, and makes it lay so flat and shiny! I haven’t experienced any of the burns that the other commenters have talked about. I have two of these now.The photos I provided are before any finishing products. All I did was put moose in my hair before I dried it.

Salon Sleek Blowout Brush 1.3"
Tinnie B
Perfect feels like I’m out from the salon

It’s easy to use and light...it easily does the wave I wanted. Good product to a bit pricey but it’s worth the price👌

Salon Sleek Blowout Brush 1.3"
I never thought that buying having a great brush would be such a game changer to my ...

I never thought that buying having a great brush would be such a game changer to my day. This brush is very light and sits very comfortable in my hand. I thought that it was very cheap for such a great brush. The bristles aren't too sharp and keeps my hair curly and looking amazing throughout the day so thank you osensia! This is a company i will continue to use for years to come.

So easy to blow dry hair

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Smooth & Sleek Starter Bundle
Amazon Customer
So easy to blow dry hair

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Best texturing for your hair!

I love the smell and the texture of my hair, because I have very fine hair, makes it easier to to fix. Love it!

Lives up to its selling points!

A wonderful dry shampoo! Incredibly lightweight and no residue! It definitely passes the anti humidity test! It also lives up to volumizing and texturizing. I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

No residue on brown hair

Smells good, seemed a little too moisturizing for dry shampoo but works, no residue on dark hair.

Love this dry shampoo -smells great

Left my hair feeling light and smelling great! Highly recommend!

Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo
sophie chekefati
This product is the best!!

This product is the best!!! Makes my hair not itchy when oily hair and makes my hair look shiny too!!

It works

Does what its supposed to do

Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo
Jennifer Blalock
My favorite!

I reorder this ever few months! Love it and it doesn’t leave residue in your hair.

Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo
Crystal Songbird
Great find!

I love that it makes your hair soft and keeps it manageable. Often times dry shampoo will make my dark hair look chalky or feel dry but this does neither.Bonus- it smells amazing!

came fast but was opened without cap so not sure if I paid for the full can

I didn't get five stars as product came without cap and was already opened. Otherwise works great.

Great for single use! Don’t double up!

The smell was a bit much. I would have enjoyed a better woman scent. It does have a clean smell. It’s very easy to use but I wouldn’t suggest using it more then once in a 24 hour period. (Take a shower the next night).

Love it!

Great product! Doesn’t make my hair white, and does a good job of making hair look freshly washed. It also has a lovely smell!

No white streaks!

This is by far the best dry shampoo I’ve found! It doesn’t leave white streaks or flakiness like some others. It smells good, and brings my hair back to life! I’ve gone down to one hair washing a week, so I’ll use this on day 4 or 5, and am good to go til next hair washing!!

Great shampoo for a very low price

Very good shampoo, I ordered it for the second time. I use it almost every day, after use, my hair looks fresh and clean. I know that I will order it in the future. I liked this shampoo because others are not much worse and have a bad smell. Also thank you seller for fast delivery!

Smells good!

I loved the scent of this!!!

Dry shampoo is just the best invention ever

Dry shampoo is just the best invention ever! I love this product so easy, quick and freshens your hair up instantly.

A shampoo that will definitely make your hair better

A good shampoo that helps me every day. After quarantine, I work a lot and therefore do not always have time to take care of my head. This shampoo easily handles my hair and makes it clean.

Smells great

This product worked really well and it smells great so bonus!


This stuff smells fantastic and it works well!!!

Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo
Amazon Customer

Definitely gonna buy more!

Great product

Great scent .. no powdery residue. Works great!!! I will buy again