Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Renew This 2021!

Welcome back to all you fabulous folks. HAPPY 2021!

I hope you really enjoyed your holidays. I most certainly made sure I enjoyed mine. What were the things that you did differently this year to adjust to the new normal? I hope you had fun and I sincerely hope that you would have a grand time this coming year because we had all been looking forward to 2021 to bring in changes - hopefully, good ones. Some positive changes that would make a difference in the lives of all the people in the world would be really nice after what we all went through in 2020. But right now let us focus on you. Yes, you! You and your oh-so-beautiful self.

If there's anything that we would like to focus on first this year, that would be our health, wellness, and beauty. We should make sure that we are beautifying ourselves even more. We are all beautiful the way we are in all colors, sizes, and shapes and there's really nothing wrong with adding just a touch of something extra. Living your extra life is the best way to go anyway!

And so we begin talking about our hair - our crowning glory. We have done so many things to it over the past few months because of all the holidays, and all the parties that we've been to and I am sure that your hair has suffered through it. If you did not take care of your hair well enough, then by now you might be enduring or experiencing some of the consequences of neglecting hair care.

Well, first and foremost, we need to rejuvenate, revitalize and refresh our scalps because that's where it all begins - right down at the roots. If your roots are healthy then everything else will be healthy, lustrous, and oh so fabulous, which is what we are really hoping to achieve. So let's check our hair state.

Has become dry and frizzy over the past couple of months? Have you experienced more split ends than usual? These things could happen due to the weather as well or as we have said, due to improper care of your tresses. If you are experiencing any of these, adding it with an itchy scalp or some excessive oiliness to your hair, then that means it really is time to boost your hair to give it all the nutrients that it needs and just treat it better, girl! Right now, the focus is on you so we are going to talk about some hair care tips to jump-start the new year and make sure that we meet 2021 with a bang and a fabulous hairstyle to boot. Are you ready? Let's go get to it!

First and foremost the number one tip is to use the right products. We really cannot stress this enough. It may not be as simple as we want it to be because there are so many factors that need to be considered: age, diet, activity, or lifestyle. We also need to consider how much product we put in our hair on a daily basis and even styling but at the bottom of it all, it's all about the basic care tips.

How you wash your hair, what products you use, and how you take care of it after washing - pre-care and aftercare. All of these go together to make your health healthier. And since we are dealing with some of the damages we have endured over the past couple of months because of excessive styling, we just need to make sure that we start with something that is a little easier for our hair. We need to help it breathe and it all begins with choosing the right products and you can never go wrong by going natural!

Hair washing

Choosing products that are rich in natural elements, nutrients and vitamins can definitely give you a great head start to improving the state of your hair. So where do you find these products? There are actually so many items in the market that say they have natural ingredients or that they are made of natural elements and at this point, we just need to make sure it is legitimate. What I can tell you is some products only claim to be made up of natural ingredients but some of them are not pure or some of them are synthetic. So you have to find a brand that you can trust that is really out there.

There is, somewhere out there, a perfect shampoo for you. One that thickens your hair strands and nourishes with only the best natural ingredients. Ever heard of Biotin? Yup, that is the stuff. If you want to feed your hair the vitamins it needs to grow strong and healthy, picking the right shampoo is the best start. Then from there, it is knowing how to use it.

For a lot of hair types, like coily, curly, and damaged hair, it is not a good idea to wash hair every day. In fact, most experts agree that shampooing our hair daily can often lead to further damage. The science behind that is shampoo, no matter how gentle, can strip the hair of its natural oils and make the hair brittle. This is why washing the hair two to three times a week is recommended. It will allow the hair time to rest. Also, if you are not really leading a very active lifestyle or sweating too much, this will totally work for you. In this age of work at home where you are just sitting in front of your computer all day, our hair is no longer as exposed to dirt or harsh elements. It pays to try out this new routine and see how your hair reacts.

Once you have found the perfect shampoo to cleanse your hair, then you will need to partner it with a conditioner that will nourish and strengthen your tresses. In fact, these two go so well together, you can have them in one powerful bundle.

For those days when you won’t shampoo your hair, using a suitable conditioner will do the job of protecting your hair and moisturizing it at the same time. There is no better feeling than having touchably soft and fragrant hair after taking a shower. The strengthening part is a very big plus to that, too. I surely would love to see lesser strands on my towel or hairbrush when I comb. If you wanna stay fresh and clean on a no-wash day, dry shampoo is the way to go!

Now that you have selected all the right products that would go well with your hair or your hair type, then let's start with using them properly.

Some people wash their hair twice thrice a week. Some people do it daily. So whatever works for you, only remember this. Whenever we wash our hair, it really does strip it off of its natural nutrients so proceed with caution. If you're trying to get your hair back to a healthier state, you should probably follow what experts recommend. Not washing it daily is the way to go.

If you are still adamant about the daily wash, then at the least, don't shampoo every day. It's better to do co-washing, This is more on using conditioner. When you wash, use a conditioner that really promotes thickening or volumizing your hair. That's going to be the way to go to keep it fresh and naturally revitalized.

At this point, let us talk about how to deal with hair after you are done with the shower. This is the after-care that you need to do once you've done the washing. There some tips I had mentioned on another blog like toweling dry your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel or just letting it air dry a bit. It is better if you are using tools that would help promote growth and lessen breakage like a detangler brush.

Brushing Hair
From the name itself, a good brush rids your hair of those nasty tangles that develop overnight. Waking up with a bird’s nest instead of orderly hair is such a common occurrence for me. It is in fact, the norm. Sometimes the tangles get so severe that it actually causes me pain when I try to go through it with a regular comb. Not the best way to start a morning beauty routine, I am telling you that.

So save yourself the trouble and use your detangling brush. It has thin, soft, and flexible bristles that work with your hair - not against it. This allows for a less painful experience and lesser hair fall. For someone like me who has fine hair, it lessens my stress to see fewer hair caught in the brush.

This is highly recommended for children, too. Kids can be so active and hardly pay attention to how their hair state is. Ever had a child with bubblegum in their hair? Yup, you know what I mean. It is more than just a tangled mess there but having a good detangler can be so helpful. There are even some detangling brushes made specifically for kids. The size is just right and the designs are pretty fun to allow proper hair care habits to develop at a young age.

That's gonna be very helpful in making sure that you're fixing your hair right without letting it lose too many strands. Then you can use a leave-in conditioner or serum to protect it from heat.

If you're going to style it with your favorite blow dryer or curling iron, make the necessary steps to ensure that your hair is safe from the heat to prevent any more damage from happening.

And there you have it fabulous folks. Some quick and easy tips to revitalize your hair. Jumpstart the new year with healthy hair and stay oh-so-fabulous!

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