How to Properly Use a Hair Volume Mousse

Are there times when you and your fine hair don’t get along? For instance, you want to place it on one side, but it moves back to the other. You perfectly style your hair, but when the wind blows or you unexpectedly experience humidity, it falls into pieces.  

How Properly Use Hair Volume Mousse Infographics

Well, the solution to end your struggle is here. By using a hair volume mousse, you can say goodbye to bad hair days. This product gives your hair extra body, definition and texture, which can easily help you achieve your ideal hairstyle.  

What Does a Hair Volume Mousse Do to Hair

Hair Volume Mousse Do to Hair

Hair Volume Mousse, which is also called styling foam, is a flexible hair styling product that defines frizzes and waves, and offers hair volume. It also adds shine and beauty to your hair, and definitely works on all hair types and lengths. You can see this product mostly distributed in an aerosol can in a creamy form or foam spray.

Hair volume mousses were originally used to feel sticky and achieve a hard hair. Now, the new formulas provide a lighter hold, making hair more defined and softer. When you use hair volume mousse, it is best to apply it when your hair is wet and allow it to dry using a blow dryer. Doing so will give your hair extra volume and firm hold.

Using Hair Volume Mousse for Different Hair Types

Hair Volume Mousse for Different Hair Types

For curly hair. If you don’t want clumps, spray only a small amount of mousse and apply it gently to the mid-lengths through the ends of your hair.  

For dry and damaged hair. After applying mousse to your wet hair, have it air dried rather than using a hair dryer as it will only cause your hair to become more brittle. Give your hair a break from using heat styling tools.

For straight hair. If you have a healthy, straight hair, there’s no way for you to change your hair’s texture without using mousse. That means if you are striving to make your hair wavy, use a strong hold mousse and apply it on the mid-lengths through the ends of your hair. For better results, use your finger to comb through your hair.

For thin hair. Well, if you want to give your hair the appearance of more volume and add a bit of style, a hair styling mousse is your friend. This product is your secret weapon to make your hair look fuller, and of course, achieve your ideal hairstyle.

For thick hair. Although you have a naturally, thick hair, you can find the right mousse that perfectly suits you. Just be careful when choosing a mousse. Always check the details on the bottle. While some mousse brands are safe to use for all hair types, other brands aren’t. Apply only a small amount of mousse to keep your hair from weighing down.

Using a Hair Volume Mousse

Using a Hair Volume Mousse

Below are the steps that will help you achieve your ideal hairstyle by using hair volume mousse:

Wash your hair. If you want the best results, before you start applying hair volume mousse, make sure to wash and clean your hair with the right amount of shampoo and conditioner. Most people use these products to get extra volume and shine to their hair. Just take note that when using a conditioner, it is advised to never apply it directly to your scalp as it will result to a greasy look within a few hours.

Using Osensia shampoo and conditioner is definitely a must-try. Osensia’s products give your hair the healthy look everybody desires. They also give you the confidence you need to step out of your homes. It is without a doubt that Osensia has the best shampoos and conditioners for all hair types.

Towel dry your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly, keeping it free of shampoo. After showering, gently squeeze out the excess water on your hair using towel to make it dry.

Use a hair dryer. We all know that before we use a hair dryer, it is best to use a heat protectant first to avoid the hair from getting damaged. You also have an option to use the medium setting on your hair dryer when your hair is slightly damp.  Using a hair dryer diffuser attachment works perfectly for curly hair.  

Apply the hair volume mousse. Remember, a small amount of hair volume mousse goes a long way. Putting more would not help as this may cause your hair to weigh down. A hair volume mousse also helps give more volume if you spray it underneath your hair.

Blow-dry your hair. It is recommended to use a round brush to give volume to a longer hair. To use, bring together the hair, from the top layer of your head and clip it. Using the round brush, start blowing your hair from the bottom portion of your head. While blow-drying, pull hair upwards in a gentle way. Doing this helps add volume starting at your roots. Leave the brush for a while to achieve your desired hairstyle. Wait for your hair to cool and take the brush out of your hair after a few minutes. Be careful not to displace its shape. Use the same process to shape the top layer of your hair. If you don’t want to blow-dry, you can easily restyle your hair all day long even you only use your hands.

Using a comb. If you do want to touch up your hair after blow-drying, just make sure to use a comb. By doing that, your hairstyle won’t easily get ruined.

Easy Hairstyles You Can Do Using Hair Volume Mousse

Easy Hairstyles You Can Do Using Hair Volume Mousse
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There are days when we feel like we’re not in the mood to do much styling to our hair. Other days, we just have a busy day ahead, making us want a quick and simple hairstyle that we can wear all day. Either we want to have beach wavy hair or just one of the easiest hairstyles, we need to get help from a hair styling product. A hair volume mousse is meant for you and is certainly going to do the magic.  

Here are some examples on how to achieve easy hairstyles that would save your time and effort:

Redefining Lusterless Curls

Wanting to look more confident and sexy with a naturally curly hair? Let’s make it happen! All you need is a hair volume mousse and a hair dryer diffuser attachment. You can always count on a hair mousse when you feel like you want to refresh those lovely, curly strands. Always take note to use the product that is specifically designed to use for your curly hair.

  1. Divide your damp hair into small sections. You have to do this to keep the curls from sticking together.  
  2. Starting at the back of your hair and using your fingers, apply a small amount of mousse through your hair, then squeeze it, and put it back. Repeat for all sections. If you want to create more defined curls on the front hair, you can create smaller sections.
  3. Flip your hair forward and apply some more loose and squeeze your hair more for even application.
  4. Use a diffuser to maintain the definition of your curls and blow-dry on a low setting to keep the shape.
  5. Voilà, your hair is shiny, manageable, and has well-defined curls.

Easy Waves

No time to use a heat styling tool? Relax! To get those effortless waves through air drying, all you need is a hair mousse and two small hair elastic bands.  

  1. Apply mousse to your damp hair and divide it into four sections.
  2. Curl hair from the two sections.
  3. Take hold of the two sections and curl them in one direction all the way down to the ends and tie them together using the elastic band.
  4. Repeat the same process on the two front sections. While doing that, you may notice that the underneath curls becoming loose. That is totally fine.
  5. Wait for your hair to dry. It may take hours for your hair to completely dry, depending on how thick and long your hair is. After that, you can remove the two elastic bands and gently shake out your hair to emphasize the beach wavy hair look.

There you go, just a piece of cake! Right?

Messy Bun

We all know that messy bun is a hairstyle that can be created as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can even wear it to any types of occasion, be your sister’s wedding or your prom. It’s the most popular hairstyle that never goes out of style. If you’re running late for work, and you want to look more sophisticated and elegant, then this hairstyle works best for you. Within five minutes, you’ll have a perfect, messy bun. 

So, let’s begin! What you need is a hair mousse, a comb, an elastic band, and some Bobby pins.  

  1. Apply the right amount of mousse to your hair, starting from the roots through the ends.
  2. To create more volume, comb your hair back towards the roots to tease it.
  3. Now, comb through your hair, take it to the back of your head and create a ponytail. Wrap your elastic band around your whole hair until it’s secure, but don’t tie it tightly.  
  4. Spin the ponytail and make a ballerina bun, and tie it using the elastic band. Allow a few of your hair strands to fall through to achieve that messy look. If there are unwanted fallen strands, just wrap it around the elastic and use Bobby pin to secure it.

Messy hair, don’t care! You’ll even love more oh-so-easy messy bun hairstyle.

In Conclusion

hair volume mousse conclusion

Remember to choose a hair volume mousse product that is mainly designed for your hair type. Always check the ingredients and use an alcohol-free hair style product to avoid dry and damaged hair. When you find the right formula and using it correctly, then that’s great.  

Haven’t decided yet what product to buy? You can try our O so Wow Foaming Mousse. It is proven and tested to work for all hair types. It does not only give weightless volume to a healthy, shiny hair, it is also infused with healing herbal extracts, which gives you satisfying results.  

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