Soft Mineral Refresh Flexi Brush

Revolutionary and ultra flexible, made from nylon & boar bristles - gently detangles and brushes evenly to prevent damage. Contains 17 rare Earth elements for the ultimate mineral infusion into each bristle to promote healthy hair and natural shine.

  • Wide and flexible paddle
  • Boar & Nylon bristles
  • Mineral infused brush
  • Vegan
  • Silicone Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Toxin-free
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Peta Approved
What customers say

Soft nylon & boar brush bristles for comfortable hair brushing

Wide and flexibile paddle helps you detangle your hair safely and easily 

Invigorate your roots and brush your hair with no hassle

Contains 17 rare Earth elements for the ultimate mineral infusion

Wide and flexibile paddle helps you detangle your hair safely and easily 

The bristles are gentle on the scalp and are suitable for both adults and kids

Glide through tangled wet or dry hair for a quick and smooth finish. With a lightweight, ventilated head, this brush is ideal for blow drying your hair quickly into straight, voluminous, and sleek styles.

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Customer results
Said the brush glides smoothly and feels gentle on the scalp.
Said it's durable and flexible.
Said it makes hair look healthier.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 404 reviews

I love this for Bristol detangler brush. The paddle is very large and covers a lot of hair at one time. It slides right through my hair. It really helps to get the tangles out. Very easy to clean. I like that it’s not too heavy which makes it easy to hold.

Faith MoseleyFaith Moseley
Whatever hair you have it works

I'm a African American woman and u have tangly hair this brush works amazingly so if your like me and have tangly or poffy or even a hair full of nots then this is the brush for u trust and believe and hair is easy to pull out of the brush☺❤

I like the product very much..

Hair game changer. I have fine and curly hair that tangle so badly at the neck. This brush is the best I've ever used and I've used many. I used it today to dry my hair and it is so gentle but effective. Hair dried easily and did not overheat. The boar with the nylon is the key that smooths as it brushes so it left my hair soft. Worth it! Better than a wet brush.

I’m now a big fan of this Fresh Flexi Brush! I’ll definitely use in my work as a cosmetologist.

This brush is fantastic! As a professional cosmetologist, I’ve used hundreds or brushes and combs over my lifetime, and this has got to be up there in the top 5. It actually feels invigorating and really good on your scalp without snagging or tangling even the most unruly bed head hair! This will be my new go to evening brush. Due to the different type and size bristles it easily glides through my hair, even with multiple products in my hair. I have very fine, straight, short hair so I have to use a root lifter, mousse and a styling paste after drying my hair to help get any lift and volume. I’m really impressed how well this brush went right through all the products I my hair, and my hair actually feels pretty soft again. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends, as well as my fellow cosmetologist co-workers.

Rk Star
Best brush for kids that I have found

I have two little girls with long hair. Brushing their hair is a chore because most brushes get stuck in the knots. This is so well designed and SO easy to brush. The shape is curved which feels great against the scalp and it brushes through hair without any tugging or pulling. It's amazing. This is the best brush I have found on the market right now. They do not complain when I brush their hair and use this themselves now. It's such a great brush to detangle and use for kids. Highly recommend!

Hair ready

The media could not be loaded.  I love how it feels and cant wait to Start usuing it my hair need it !!!!!

Anna Zhuravlova

The best hairbrush ever!❤️

Kathleen San MartinoKathleen San Martino
Too big of a brush to be useful to me; also too expensive

This brush is way too big. It reminds me of a paddle brush. I have short to medium length fine curly hair. This goes through my hair fine but I find it awkard to use. Also the current price of $18.99 is too expensive for this even though some of the bristles are boar. The handle is also cheap feeling.