Ionic Hair Brush for Women Oval



No nasty chemicals

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Positive ION Rush Paddle Brush

Osensia’s soft paddle brush is a multitasking hairbrush wonder. It gently detangles and gives an invigorating scalp massage while also infusing your strands with ionic minerals to give your hair incredible shine. Ideal for all hair types and hair lengths, Osensia’s paddle brush is about to become your favorite styling sidekick 

Improve hair health with every brush! Our ion-infused brush give your hair incredible shine while gently detangling. Rounded tips exfoliate for a healthier scalp. High-quality materials withstand heat, but stay cool under pressure. Plus, this paddle brush is ideal for any hair type, style, or length so you can easily create the look you want.

Discover the Osensia difference and see what this brush can do for you.


Promotes Healthy Hair

  • Infused With Ionic Rich Minerals
  • Gently Exfoliates Scalp
  • Promotes Natural Radiant Shine
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