O So Wow Styling Powder Dry Shampoo, .317oz

Best Volumizing Styling Powder for Hair with Natural Ingredients

No More Bad Hair Days – It’s Time To Show Your Hair Who’s The Boss. Tame, Style & Volumize Your Hair To Perfection With Just One Super Versatile Volume Powder!

Do you often find yourself trying – and failing – to give your thin, flat, and oily hair some style?

Aren’t you sick and tired of spending time and money on hair styling products and expensive hairdresser visits, just to manage to make your hair look barely presentable?

If that sounds a bit too familiar, don’t worry. You can now have great, voluminous, strong hair every day, the easy and smart way!


  • Incredible volume
  • Re-activate easily with scrunching
  • Texturizes
  • Alcohol & sodium chloride free
  • Paraben & sulfate free



    • Natural China clay
    • Aloe vera



    When using ourbest volumizing powder, tap bottle gently directly on hair or into palm and run through hair for coverage as needed.


    Silica Silylate, Kaolin, Potato Starch Modified, Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch Modified, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Wow styling dry powder

    Loove it!!!!.. gives my hair the volume it needs and it’s not like other kinds that leave your scalp with product residue.. it’s natural and I can tell!

    Scharron H.
    Super thickening powers

    This stuff is amazing, I don't even use it as dry shampoo that's just an added bonus.I've got fine hair, but this makes it look super thick and natural and feels nothing like traditional styling products.

    Francene Whitlock
    It does work!! I will buy again!!

    I love this product!!! It works great, my hair is not greasy and actually has a little bit of volume!! My phone is too dead for pictures but I will update with one soon because this hair looks fantastic!!!

    Works well when strapped for time like after the gym and going back to work

    I did like it, itĶs in my gym bag for when I canĶt grab a shower after working out. However, I wouldnĶt depend on it for a full day of work...just for when in a pinch and strapped for time. ItĶs good enough in those situations, but maybe not good enough to just forgo daily showers for work!

    Maggie Berke
    Strange method but it works

    This product is different than I expected. It comes in a little pump bottle that you spray into your hand. It comes out in a puff so IĶd close your hand around the nozzle to avoid losing a portion of it to the air. The powder is really dry and you just rub it in your hands and through your hair. I have very dark hair so it may be hard to see the difference but I could feel it. It definitely helped to take out the greasiness from my hair. I have a lot of natural volume to my hair so I canĶt speak on that but it did leave a nice shine! No scent.

    Osensia vs Other Brands



    Other Brands

    • Sulfate and Paraben Free

      Filled with chemicals which are bad for all users

    • A Little Goes A Long Way

      You've used everything up but still no visible results

    • Without removing important natural oils

      Strip hair of natural oils and dries out the scalp

    • Leaves hair so soft and full of volume.

      Feel sticky and heavy on the hair

    • Excellent for men and women.

      Smell too fragrant to be appreciated by both genders.

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