Fresh Flexi Brush Detangling Brush for Wet Hair




No nasty chemicals

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Best Hair Detangler Brush

Revolutionary and ultra flexible, the FRESH FLEXI BRUSH contains 17 rare earth elements for ultimate mineral benefits and resilience.

Our best hair detangler brush gently detangles and brushes evenly to prevent damage. The flexible body glides gently along with the head while brushing and will not pull on the hair and has an ultra-lightweight handle, ergonomically designed for maximum grip while styling.

Additionally a single nylon pin system allows you to easily separate strands of hair when wet or tangled for more focused drying and styling.


  • Keeps moisture from evaporating
  • Neutralizes & balances hair
  • Antibacterial, germ-destroying elements with purifying effects
  • Eliminates toxic substances
  • Negative ions promote healthy, happy hair

Great for ALL hair types


  • Supplies oxygen to hair and scalp
  • Neutralizes & alkalizes
  • Antibacterial properties can help treat eczema & eliminate dandruff
  • Detoxifying

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Jennifer Lewis
Love this brush

Took my kinky curly hair and made it silky smooth and straight in a third of the time of my flat iron

Absolutely LIFE Changing!!

My daughter is 4 year's old and has hair down to her buttocks. She loves her long hair and refuses to get it cut but absolutely HATES having it brushed! Before this brush I've bought every detangling spray you can think of and nothing helped with the meltdown and fighting everytime! She literally had dreadlocks before this photo. Using this brush it took me not even kidding 5 minutes to brush and the entire time I didn't hear a peep from her the entire time!!!!! WHAT.. SHE SAID IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL!

Amanda tarnowski

This first time I've ever been able to use a round brush and not get stuck in my hair!! Recently cut hair and had lots of layers put in and this brush makes it very simple to style. Easy to use. No tangling. And just a great round brush!

Margo Tittle
Fresh Flexi Brush Detangling Brush

I Love My Fresh Flexi Brush Detangling Brush for Wet Hair. It get the tangles out of my 3C texture hair with no problem. The hand grip is easy to hold even when your hand are wet. Thanks

Super music freak
Best brush ever

I have long curly hair and this is the first brush I have ever found that really detangler my hair and didn't pull or get stuck in my hair. It really works amazingly.

Osensia vs Other Brands



Other Brands

  • Kid's hair friendly and made with Pain-free technology

    Not all flexi brushes are made for kids' fragile hair

  • Perfect to use on wigs

    Don't work on synthetic fibers vs natural hair

  • Flexible Body For Gentle Glide

    Hard body which pulls hair

  • Gentle and can lessen fallout for wet or dry hair

    Have crevices that snag and pull out strands of hair

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