Elegance Unleashed Round Brush 1.7 inch

Love that beautiful blowout look, but hate how long your hair takes to dry? Now you can have that just-left-the-salon look in a fraction of the time! With Osensia’s longer round barrel brush, drying time is slashed by 25%, giving you a bombshell blowout in no time!

  • 25% faster drying time
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Ionic mineral infused
  • Vegan
  • Silicone Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Toxin-free
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Peta Approved
What customers say

This innovative design helps you save drying time up to 25% due to the longer & lightweight barrel

The 1.7 inch diameter is ideally sized to give you straight and sleek hair, while the section pin tip means you won’t miss a single strand

Antistatic, ionic mineral infused and naturally antibacterial bristles for healthier hair and maximum shine

First step is to air dry or towel dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. Then section your hair using the pin tip included and start rolling each section of hair around the brush and apply heat, until you get the desired result.

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Customer results
Said the hair dries faster due to the longer and lightweight barrel.
Said it's really comfortable and easy to use.
Said the hair looks more healthy & shiny than before.

Self-assessment based on customer surveys after 60 days of use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Loli Bell
Amazing and worth it!

Whenever I blow dry my hair it is a huge ball, and it is super puffy, using this brush to blow dry my hair out made my hair super smooth and soft and basically look like I straighten my hair without even touching it with a flat iron. It is super easy to use and it makes my hair feel very very soft, especially if you don’t wash your hair for a couple of days like I do, it works really really well, makes my hair feel incredibly softer and it makes it feel like it’s even stronger. Would recommend to everybody! Especially if you have curly hair and have trouble straightening it often, I would use this, it is cut my time in half for flat iron my hair

Juanita Perez
Awesome product

To Whom It May Concern:I recently purchased through Amazon one of your round brushes. The Pure Elegance Thermic Round Brush, 43mm.I scoured over every word regarding this brand, and type of brush. It had so many benefits and the idea of how my hair would feel after brushing it was a very appealing consideration.I've used it for several days now, and I can report with complete candor that this brush does everything it claims to do. It is lightweight, it moves through my hair smoothly without catching. Hair that it wet or dry, no problem. I blow dried my hair using the brush and I did not need any other styling tool. The shine on my hair was amazing!!I'm so glad that I gave this brush a chance! I've told quite a few people about it and they all want the link to get their own.👍👍Thank you once again!!

Highly recommend

I absolutely love this brush. My hair is thin and I’ve avoided round hair brushes for years. With this new round brush I never have any problems with it getting tangles in my hair. Also adds volume to myhair.

Vanessa Spencer
Brush unlike the rest

This hairbrush is in a league of its own. I thought I liked the brush I had before this one but the two don't even compare. This one is so light, its much faster to dry your hair, and the layers separate easier with his hair brush (really don't know how to explain it). I have to admit I am a fan of red so I love the color of the brush too. The bristles seem to not massage but kind of tease your scalp which feels so good.

Great brush, leaves hair full of body

This is a great brush. I have long fine hair and it leaves my hair full of body and silky soft. Great product, definitely recommend to others.

Lisa Sabs
Long barrel = LOVE

Absolutely love this brush!!! I have very long hair and it used to take 35+ to dry now I am done in 15 mins even right out of the shower. No tangles, no static, no over drying, no hair loss. And this extra long barrel LOVE IT!!!

Finally a solid but gentle grip with a long barrel

This is my go-to styling brush in my collection. Perfect size barrel for just past shoulder length hair, which dries& styles quickly. It's one of the few brushes that grips well but gently, without tangling or tearing my hair. The extra barrel length takes on more hair per grip, cutting styling time way down, for me. And it happens to be a beautiful brush, so I'm very pleased indeed. A terrific design.

Greatest brush so far.

Made hair drying time faster. Does not tangle hair. Easy to use. Worth the money for sure.