Curl Brush Detangler - Customizable Natural Hair Brush with 7 Removable Rows



No nasty chemicals

Money back guarantee

Get Rid Of The Detangling Nightmare

Osensia’s detangling brush is your hair’s miracle cure for tangles! Experience painless detangling while massaging and safely stimulating the scalp. Nylon bristles reduce the risk of breakage and damage while helping your hair look gorgeous and shiny.

The Osensia detangling brush is ideal for all hair types and all ages and genders. The comfortable nylon bristles easily detangle even the thickest hair while stimulating the scalp for healthier hair growth. Plus, premium materials ensure this brush will keep you looking fabulous style after style. Discover the Osensia difference and let this brush help you tame your hair care routine.


Promotes Healthy Hair

  • Reduces Risk Of Damage & Split Ends
  • Glides Through Knots Without Pain
  • Massages And Stimulates Scalp
  • Easily part and style hair with attached Sectioning Tip
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