Professional Ceramic Ion Thermal Round Brush for Blow Drying, Styling & Salon Blowouts Antistatic Bristles for Wet or Dry Hair




No nasty chemicals

Money back guarantee

Brush That Adds Shine And Improves Hair Health? You Bet!

Leave them speechless at your next meeting and own whatever room you walk into with a straight, glowing style. Stick straight can quickly turn limp and lifeless, but not with Osensia’s large round brush. Easily get straight strands that have something a little extra. Not only is our brush designed to make your hair healthier, but it also gives extra shine that’ll make you the eye of envy. 

Style Like Never Before

Tired of frying your hair dry, only to have it fall flat by noon? Osensia’s hair dryer brush kills two birds with one stone to give you enviable hair all day long. Our innovative ceramic and ion-infused design packs an instant hair boost, speeds up drying time, and comes as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand friendly package to make styling a breeze.

Sleek and Shine Like a Pro

Think a bigger brush means more volume? Think again! The bigger the barrel, the sleeker and straighter the style. So, if you’re looking to create silky, smooth blowouts, our large round brush for blow drying is made for you. You might even be able to get away with skipping the flat iron! 

It's All in the Bristles

Don’t be fooled! Our bristles are a whole lot more than what meets the eye. Not only are they antistatic, ionic mineral infused, and naturally antibacterial for healthier hair and maximum shine, but they’re also tough enough to withstand high heat (up to 428°F/220°C). And the benefits don’t stop there! Polished bristles gently massage the scalp and prevent against damage and breakage, while wavy bristles cover maximum area for styling with less effort.

  • Our innovative ceramic and ion-infused design packs an instant hair boost, speeds up drying time, and comes as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand friendly package to make styling a breeze.
  • Ionic minerals are infused into each and every bristle to promote healthy hair and natural shine for truly radiant strands. Don’t just brush away tangles, brush on brilliant hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 400 reviews
Francesca King

Been looking for a great blow out brush and finally found it. The longer brush makes it easier to reach the back of my hair and this brush makes drying time so much faster for me. LOVE IT!

Nancy Chamberlain-Strupp
Great wet hair blow drying hair brushed

I got this brush in 2 sizes. First time I bought these products. I love them. Attain a great blowout look for my fine hair using these brushes with my blow dryer.

Brush from the Blow Dry Godesses

I just ordered this brush and I love it. Not only is the brush great for blow drying your hair but it also has a sectioning tip in the handle of the brush that is so handy. I would definitely recommend this brush.

Monica Medina
Amazing brush

Best brush ever. Only brush that worked great with my thin fine hair. Loved it

Esmeralda Arribas

This is an excellent brush. I used and make my hair look so beautiful. Thank you. I highly recommended this brush.

Osensia vs Other Brands



Other Brands

  • 25% longer bristles than standard brushes

    Come with shorter bristles

  • Made up of shaved bristles

    Most brushes do not have shaved tips that hurt the scalp

  • Light, Easy To Hold and Doesn't Poke The Scalp

    Bristles tend to damage scalp once the rubber tip is removed

  • Ceramic body which can withstand heat up to 220ºC

    Can only withstand 180ºC to 200ºC

  • Works perfectly with any age and hair type

    Could be rough on fine strands of kids or elderly

  • Comes with section pin for focused drying and styling

    Not all round brushes contain a section pin

  • Speedy Drying Time Because of Anti Static Bristles

    Require blow dryer or flat iron to dry fast

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