October 28, 2020

Here at  Osensia, we cannot be more proud of how are products are made from natural ingredients, cruelty free and designed to care of your hair to be the best it can be. Our products are packed with nature’s wonders for healthy hair - but what exactly are these ingredients and what makes it work?


With our best selling products in mind, let’s take a look at the contents that make it so effective for taking care of our tresses.


The Biotin Effect


If fine hair is your challenge or just wish you could have fuller hair, then the best solution is to use biotin rich hair products. The Biotin Volumizing Shampoois a paraben and sulfate free shampoo made especially for fine, dry, damaged & color treated hair. So what exactly is biotin?


Biotin is aB-vitamin(b7) that can befound in foodlike fish, vegetables, dairy and nuts. This vitamin is also known as food for hair since it increases hair growth and makes hair thicker and stronger. Experts have even said thatit as the ultimatesupplement for skin andhair, as well as nails. Ithelpsour body convert food into energy anditalsoplays manydistinctroles inhairhealth.And while there is an optionfor us to take biotin supplements orally, usingbiotinon our hair topically ,as a shampoo orconditioner works just as well, if not even better!


Our biotin conditioneris ideal for thinning hair and can help prevent further hair loss. Just a small amount stimulates hair growth for thicker, fuller hair – and fast. It is no longer a surprise that the Osensia’s power bundleis always in demand.


You will surely enjoy fantastic volume from using biotin enriched products that are also safe for colored hair. If it is sulfate and paraben free, you’re on the right track! Most shampoos are packed with sulfates and parabens that not only strip your scalp and hair from natural oils causing drying and brittleness, but they also fade your color and even cause hair loss. That’s why i am extra careful in reading labels since i color my hair a lot. Apart from protecting my hair color, i feel the health in my hair as it is silky soft and nourished.


Nature’s Finest Oils


Back in the days of Egyptian queens, we have heard stories of how their servants would bathe the royalty’s hair with fragrant oils and essences. They have always been depicted to have thick, luxurious manes fit for a queen. Even to this day, the use of natural oils in caring for our hair has been integrated to modern hair care products. They really are a timeless and natural treatment for our locks/ We often see ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba, olive or argan oil included in the world’s top brands. So what do these natural oils really contain that make them work for hair? Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


  • Coconut Oil


Coconut oil contains lauric acid. This element helps lock in protein in the hair, as well as protect the roots and strands to prevent from breakage. Coco oil also contains antioxidants that boost hair growth and make it more healthy. Ever heard of virgin coconut oil? Some people use it for cooking, for massages, cleansing face from makeup, and yes, even to condition hair. No wonder coconut oil is termed as a miracle oil due to it’s versatility! It also smells super good.


You may use coconut oil as a pre shower scalp wash which can also protect your hair. Another option is to use it as a mask. Rub it onto the hair, let it sit overnight or for a few hours. Pressed for time? Then use it in a leave in cream formulathat just sets your hair day to a great start.


  • Argan Oil


Argan oil is mostly used as a moisturizer for skin and hair since it’s full of fatty acids. It is mainly made up of oleic acid and linoleic acid. This oil is also pumped with vitamin e, which creates a fatty layer for our hair as well as scalp, that can really help prevent frizziness or dryness. It is also known to boost shine and shiny hair equals healthy hair.


Two of Osensia’s most most sought after argan infused products are the Argan Oil Dry ShampooFor Dark And Blonde Hair and Argan Oil Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair . The dry shmpoo leaves no white residue and has a volumizing quality that lasts all day long. It also doubles as an anti humidity spray texturizer with the ability to protect the color of your hair. For those no wash days, this dry shampoo is the answer for fresh and full hair that you would love. As for the hair mask, it is a special moisturizing treat for your damaged tresses.


  • Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oilis the liquid produced in the seed of thesimmondsia chinensisplant, a shrub, which is native to Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwestern Mexico. This is another very popular ingredient in some hair care product as it is known to have healing, moisturizing and even antibacterial properties.



Keratin Power


We’ve talked about natural oils and how it has the ability to moisturize your hair. Let’s now take a look at another pretty well know name in the hair care industry – Keratin.


What exactly is Keratin and why has it dominated the hair care industry? We have famous hairstylists recommending keratin treatments that promise to get your hair into a healthy, luxurious state. So let’s see if it is true.


Keratin isa type of protein that can actually be found in our hair, skin, and nails. It is naturally produced by our body and can function as a repair aide to protect hair from dandruff for instance. These proteins are present inside and outside our hair and even if it has healing properties, over time and lack of care to hair, the natural keratin layers can be damaged or destroyed.


Heat, chemicals, improper care and even environmental elements can deplete our keratin supply. But do not fear, this is whereproducts infused with keratin come in. Keratin treatments have the ability to improve the overall quality of our hair even with the damage that has accumulated over the years.



Some Special Mentions


Here are some more very natural and very effective ingredients that work so well in keeping hair healthy and nourished:


- Castor oil - moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and thickening. If it works on thickening and lengthening your eye lashes, it will work on your hair.

- Aloe Vera - stimulates blood circulation on the scalp. The gelatinous of this spiky plant is known to sooth burns on skin, too. For the hair though, it works well as a gel mask for overnight use. The juice or extract of this plant is also pretty popular for hair care products.

- Algae Extract – yes, seaweed extract! It apparently helps fight hair loss as it has the ability to reduce scalp inflammation that is due to bacterial infections.


Set your hair up for success with the right foundation!


There is hope for extremely damaged hair yet! However, this transformation is not going to happen overnight.It will take consistent tender loving care for bringing life back to dull or lifeless hair and this is where choosing the right products will come in. Change up your hair care routine now. It is never too late or too early to start taking better care of your tresses.


Aside from including the right shampoo and conditioner in your line up, make sure to know how and when to use it for maximum effect. What do we mean by that? Well, even if your shampoo is safe for daily use, you should’t actually be washing your hair with it ever dy. It will be safer to opt for co-washing (conditioner only) to ensure your hair is sufficiently moisturized. This will of course, depend on the type of hair that you have.


If you are not sure about what your hair type is,check outHello Hair: You’re My Type! Let Me Take Care of Youand find out.


Focus on after care as well by using heat protectants or hair primers before doing any styling. This ensures that you keep your hair protected at all times. Lay low on the heat setting of your blow dryer and make sure to use a nozzle to concentrate the flow of hair. If you can transition to air – drying your hair, even better! It saves energy as well.


Other than using products with natural ingredients, using the right tools also help. Invest in agood detangling brushto manage your hair without subjecting it to more breakage.



Keep It Natural


I hope reading about the different natural ingredients help you in choosing the best products for your hair care routine. Salon-quality hair care does not have to come at the expense of costing you and am and a leg or exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Osensia is dedicated to giving you stylish, healthy hair without using harsh ingredients. Stick to a routine that revitalizes and revives your hair. The time to start is now.

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