The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Blondes

November 28, 2018

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Blonde hair definitely looks stunning. Despite it looking great and beautiful, the sad truth is, blond-dyed hair requires a bit of effort to keep it looking great. If one fails to take care of his or her blonde hair properly, chances are, it’ll become brittle and dry eventually. Worst, it can turn brassy or yellow.

Because of the entire bleaching process, blonde hair is more delicate and fragile than other hair colors. That is why it needs added protection against heat, environmental factors, and harsh products.

In this blog post, we will teach you the best and most recommended hair care methods for blonde hair to reduce damage and keep its color longer. We will also introduce a wide range of hair care products suited for blonde hair to keep its color from fading.

So let’s begin.

How to Care for Blonde Hair

Caring for blonde hair is never easy. There are lots of factors to take into account to ensure it retains its beauty and shine. But fret not. We will share with you some handy tips on how to care for blonde hair. Read on.

 The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Blondes

1. Shampoo less.

If you haven’t bleached your hair yet, it is best that you don’t wash your hair at least 2 days before bleaching. That is because the bleach is a harsh chemical that can burn freshly cleaned scalp.

After you’ve bleached your hair, wait two more days before shampooing. That way, you can let the color set properly. If you feel the need to wash your body, it is best that you wear a shower cap to keep your hair dry.  

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If you decide to wash your hair, just make sure you don’t wash every day because excessive shampooing can eliminate the natural oils in your scalp that provide moisture and remove the color pigments in your strands.

To ensure nothing bad happens to your hair, use a sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoo like  Osensia O So Silver shampoo and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. Rinse it with cold water to seal the cuticles and prevent fading.

2. Use a dry shampoo.

If a paraben-free shampoo is not available, use a dry shampoo. It is best used if your blonde hair begins to feel greasy. After using, your hair will have weightless volume and become smooth and soft.

3. Reduce damage caused by heat.

Do you want to style your blonde hair? If yes, then you have to completely dry your hair first. It is a big no-no to use a flat iron while your hair is damp or wet.

If possible, allow your hair to air dry. And then, before using a flat iron, apply a heat protectant product first. Be sure you keep the heat below 350 degrees and do not press the iron tightly. Also, make sure you detangle your strands first prior to using a flat iron.

4. Avoid exposing your blonde hair to the sun.

Compared to dark hair, a light colored or blonde hair is more sensitive to sun exposure because it lacks dark pigments that serve as a protective layer.  

When you need to go out and expose your hair out in the sun for hours, it is important that you cover your hair with a silk scarf or a cap. You can also apply a spray with UV protection and spritz it every now and then.

5. Condition. Condition. Condition.

Hair conditioners play a vital role in every blonde-haired guy or gal’s hair care regimen. These products keep the hair moisturized and close the cuticles, allowing the color to stay for longer.

Apart from hair conditioners, deep conditioning treatments are also necessary. Since blonde hair requires lots of protection and moisture, deep conditioning once a week can provide the added moisture the hair and scalp needs. It can also help prevent breakage, repair damage, restore shine, and keep hair looking radiant and beautiful.

6. Apply hair oil.

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To restore the shine and moisture that have been lost because of coloring your hair, apply  hair oil to the ends of your hair. This oil will protect the ends from dryness and make styling a breeze. Just don’t apply the oil near the scalp to avoid regular washing.

7. Consider using a purple shampoo.

Over time, blonde hair can become unattractive. That is why purple shampoos are introduced. These hair products are formulated to brighten silver or blonde hair and restore their shine. They work by depositing violet pigments into the strands to neutralize the yellow tones. If you wish to give these products a try, look for a plant-based purple shampoo.

Purple shampoos are best used once a week. They also have application instructions to follow. They are not designed for everyday use and should not be left on longer than the recommended time. Nothing to worry, though. They are generally sulfate-free and paraben-free.

If, eventually, you find that these shampoos are causing your hair to dry, you need not switch to your favorite shampoo. You can add a few drops of hair oil to the shampoo. The oils can effectively get you the brassy tone you desire and keep your blonde toned.

8. Use a leave in conditioner.

Are you planning to go for a swim? Then we suggest you use a leave-in conditioner first before diving into the pool. This product will prevent chemical build-up and avoid discoloration caused by chlorine.

Also, if you reside in an area with hard water, you have to use a chelating shampoo every now and then to remove any mineral deposits that cause your hair to look brittle, dry, and dull. You might also want to consider buying a shower filter to keep the hard water minerals from damaging your locks.

When buying a leave in conditioner, choose one that is formulated specially for blonde hair. They are designed to reverse the damages brought about by bleaching, reduce the brassy tones, and make the color more vibrant.  

To apply, towel dry your hair first. And then, gently massage it into your strands. After using, combing should be easier and hair should be more manageable and shinier.

9. Do not forget to go for a hair glaze treatment.

Two weeks after your hair is color-treated, you have to get a hair glaze treatment. It will refresh and rejuvenate your hair color, reduce any brassiness, and boost shine.

If you can’t go to a salon for a hair glaze treatment, apply a hair gloss instead once every 2 to 4 weeks.

10. Trim your hair regularly.

To remove split ends, regular trimming is necessary. Hair experts recommend trimming the hair once every four to six weeks to keep the ends from splitting and help maintain healthy hair.

11. Prepare a root touch-up kit.

One month after you color-treated your hair, you will start noticing new grown hair with your original hair color. Although it isn’t necessary to hide the color of your roots, you have the option to hide the darker root.

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For an instant fix, a root touch-up kit is a handy tool. This kit is often available in many different shades to match different hair colors. It's very easy to use and only takes about ten minutes to apply!

If you are not confident with using a touch-up kit, you can visit the hair salon and have your stylist use a temporary root concealer. It should be more than enough to hide your root color until your next coloring session.

12. Apply a hair toner.

Ever heard of hair toners? They are hair products that are formulated to neutralize orange and yellow tones and improve lighter shades.

In general, hair toners are mixed with 10 or 20 volume developer, but there are other toners that have to be mixed with 5 volume developer. The latter is a gentler option if you want to achieve a better blonde hair tone.  

The idea is, the higher the volume developer, the more hydrogen peroxide it contains, which is known to cause hair damage.

13. Apply a hair lightening spray.

Have you tried using a hair lightening spray? It is a product that is designed to lighten bleached or color-treated hair. Most of these sprays have a formula that uses chamomile, honey, and citrus. They also contain plant-based lightening ingredients, so they’re really worth a try. After 3 to 5 applications, the results will show.

14. Consult a professional hair colorist.

Do not just go to someone who claims to be a well-trained colorist. You have to consult someone who is backed with years of experience and is certified to perform hair bleaching because he or she knows how to achieve your desired level of blonde without causing much damage to your hair.

If you are not certain with your choice, you can seek help from your friends or family members who have already tried bleaching their hair.

15. Do not be lured by cheap deals.

Of course, we all want to save up on costs. However, if it’s your blonde hair that is at stake here, you should not take chances.  

Do not buy cheap promos that promise you excellent results for your hair. Chances are, they would sacrifice the quality of their work or use poor quality products. Yes, the results may look great, but in the long run, the effects will show. You wouldn’t want to spend a few more dollars to get your blonde hair fixed, right? 

There you have it! These 15 tips should help you care for your blonde hair and keep it looking healthy and fresh. Do you know other tips and tricks on caring for blonde hair? We'd like to know. Comment them below.

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