What Is the Best Detangling Brush for You?

May 22, 2019

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

Do you know what the biggest enemy of your hair is? The one thing that makes it look bad? It’s a breakage. In one word — DAMAGE. Any form of damage contributes to making your hair look unpleasant. So the question is, what causes damage? The answer is simple. Any stress or pulling or tugging at the hair strand, and also tangles that lead to knots and matted hair. That kind of physical stress on your leads to damage.

If you, like most people, want to have a mane of long, gorgeous locks, the key would be to avoid damage. You need to use the right products. Use a shampoo that is ideal for your hair type. Use just the right amount of conditioner. Don’t saturate your hair with products. And, of course, avoid damaging your locks. That means you need to avoid tangles. Now, this can be easier said than done. You can only, realistically, spend a certain amount of time combing your hair. So, you need to make sure you are using the right combs and brushes for your hair type.

What Is a Detangling Brush?

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

A detangling brush is the best option for those who want to keep their hair free of tangles. These hair brushes have been around for years. You’ve probably seen one. They’re easily available in plenty of stores. If you don’t know what a detangling brush is, don’t worry. I can explain. A detangling brush is your crucial tool for achieving sleek, tangle-free, mess-free hair. It is a type of brush that is specifically designed for hair types that get easily tangled. It works by having the bristles aligned in such a way that you can pull the brush through your hair and it won’t get caught in the stands.

This is also ideal for individuals who are in a rush to comb out their hair. Invest in the best detangling brush because it can be used on wet or dry hair. Most brushes and combs should not be used on wet hair because that is when the strands are at their weakest point. Applying tension by pulling or tugging can lead to split ends and breakage.

If you are interested in purchasing a detangling brush, don’t rush to the store just yet. Let us give you the low down on the types of detangling brushes available for different types of hair. Keep on reading this list we put together for you.

Detangling Brushes for You

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

1. Detangling Brush for Natural Hair

If you like keeping your hair natural, then you know how tedious the process is of keeping your hair looking good. I’m sure there are times that wash day for your hair seems like some ritual or rite of passage. By this, I mean that there’s so many things to do and procedures to follow.

We all know that you have to be very gentle and careful with natural hair. Too much tension from wigs can cause hair loss. It can break when it’s too dry. Since natural hair requires being very careful with what you do, the first step would be to invest in the right hair care tools. You have to buy the right brushes that are meant for your hair type. Don’t be afraid to splurge, too. Because your hair is your crowning glory, and how it looks contributes greatly to your self-confidence.

Each person has their own way of detangling their natural hair. Some do multiple comb-throughs. Some comb in the shower. Combing the hair when wet seems to work well for natural strands. The brush that you use for the process should have smooth bristles that are spread out widely. A wide-tooth comb can work miracles on hard-to-remove knots.

2.Detangling Brush for Kids

Dealing with kids’ hair can truly be a nightmare. When you’re a kid and you hear the words, “Let’s comb your hair,” you want to run away. The bad and painful memories associated with hair combing start in childhood.

Kids can get into all types of shenanigans. Their hair gets easily messed up, matted, and knotted. If you’re the primary caregiver for a kid, especially one with long hair, you’ll know it is not easy to face a nest of tangles.

The battle is finding out how to deal with the tangles in a pain-free and tear-free manner. When dealing with kids, or basically trying to detangle even adult hair, you need to work in small sections. Section off the hair in even amounts and methodically work through the head of hair. Use a brush that has soft bristles that will not cut the scalp.

Find a brush with flexible bristles. Flexible bristles will not “fight” with tangles. It will glide through them so that your little guy or girl can have smooth hair. One pro tip would be to find a brush that is made to deal with knots and tangles. Start at the ends, where most of the tangles are, and work your way up your child’s head.

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

3. Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

Curly hair is one of the toughest hair types to deal with. You have to know how to treat it, or you will just have a giant ball of frizz on your head. But, you have to admit, when curly hair is combed nicely, the straight-haired girls just don’t stand a chance. There’s something to those bouncy, voluminous curls that are so enticing and mysterious compared to flat, straight hair.

One of the biggest worries for curly-haired gals is the tangles and knots that are more prone to happen because of their hair texture. There is no one-brush or one-comb method that will remove all the tangles right away. Taking care of curly hair requires patience. You can’t just finger-comb your hair or use justany brush.

Probably more than individuals with other hair types, the curly-haired people are the ones who need to splurge and invest in the right hair care tools. This means that they would really have to find the brushes and combs that are suitable for curly hair textures. The reason for using the right tools is so important is due to the fact that curly hair is drier and prone to easy breakage. The type of brush curly-haired folks need is the kind of brush with soft to medium resistance flexible bristles. Check the shape of the bristles to ensure that it can easily glide on your hair. Along with using the right brush, you also need to use the right combing or brushing technique.

4. Detangling Brush for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is the hair type that is somewhere in the middle. It’s not quite straight, but it’s also not curly enough to experience the same woes as the curly-haired gang. The big issue with wavy is sometimes it can just look like a fluffy, frizzy mess.

You can deal with this issue by purchasing a paddle brush. It’s the kind of brush that is wide, with bristles set apart. It’s big enough to deal with a large amount of hair in one brushstroke. The wide bristles can tame frizz, and it won’t go against your hair’s natural way of falling or pattern. A paddle brush can be used to detangle wet or dry wavy hair textures.

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

5. Detangling Brush for Fine Hair

No, that heading is not a mistake. Sleek, fine-textured hair does get tangled. There’s a easy advantage for you if this is your hair type. You can easily deal with your hair woes by using the very common, very affordable plastic vent brush. You don’t need anything with fancy bristles. Just a basic, wide-bristle plastic brush is enough to detangle wet or dry hair.

6. Detangling Brush for Thick Hair

Thick hair is another challenging hair type to have to deal with. If you have this type of hair, you will  find that a detangler with firm bristles work best to remove knots and tangles. Flimsy bristles or flexible bristles just won’t cut it when dealing with thick hair. This is especially true for thick, curly hair. A full, thick head of hair really needs the toughness of firm bristles. The only thing you need to keep in mind when combing out your tresses is to be gentle and go slow. Fast brushing, especially with hard bristles, can cause major damage to your scalp and hair follicles.

best detangling brush for you, best detangling brush for kids, detangling brush

What Is the Best Detangling Brush?

So after reading through this article, you're probably wondering, whatis the best detangling brush? There isn’t one answer to that seemingly easy question. The best answer is that it depends on your hair type. There are different types of brushes available on the market, and they all have their specific uses. The best brush for someone with straight hair will be different from the best brush for someone with thick, wavy hair. The key would be to do your own research and try out different brushes and combs that will work best for you. If you need help, you can consult hair care experts near you.

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