25 Super-Simple Hairstyling Hacks to Get Gorgeous in an Instant

December 19, 2018

25 Super-Simple Hairstyling Hacks to Get Gorgeous in an Instant

To achieve great hair, constant maintenance is required. Lucky for you, it is possible to keep your maintenance routine relatively minimal, thanks to these super-simple hairstyling hacks. Improve your current hair care routine starting today.

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1. Keep frizz at bay using an unused toothbrush and a hairspray.

hairspray control hair frizz

If you like to control hair frizz, using a hairspray might just help you. However, the secret is to use the exact amount. Use a little and you won’t notice any difference. Spray a lot and your hair will end up stiff.

To ensure you spray the exact amount of hairspray and  tame frizz, spritz your favorite hairspray into an unused toothbrush and brush it over your stubborn strands. It should keep your tresses intact without making it look like a huge mess.

2. Braid your wet or damp hair for instant curls.

Do you wish to steer clear of hair curlers and hair dryers? If that is so, you can braid your mane after you wash it at night. The braid size depends on your desired hairstyle or hair type. If you wish to achieve smaller curls, you can have a number of small braids. Otherwise, adjust the size. After braiding, leave them on while sleeping.

The next morning, untie the braids and spritz an ample amount of texturizing spray. Scrunch your curls using your hands and fingers to achieve bouncy, beach-y waves.

3. Try tying two ponytails together to create an illusion of volume.

To create an illusion of a fuller and longer mane, tie your hair up into a ponytail. But you have to do two ponytails. First, you have to do one high ponytail and then tie the rest of the hair with the rest. The first ponytail should hide the second ponytail, making it appear like a one, high ponytail.

4. Invest in a quality soft bristle paddle brush to make hair shinier.

According to experts and celebrity hairstylists, using a quality soft bristle paddle brush to smoothen your strands while blow drying can spread the natural oils from the scalp to the tips. That only means that you are taming your tresses the natural way and providing it with the added shine it needs.

5. Apply dry shampoo to your hair before sleeping or going to work.

If you must wash your hair, but you don’t have sufficient time to do so, you can simply apply and use dry shampoo. For better results, apply it before going to sleep at night. The dry shampoo will do its job overnight. You should then wake up to a cleaner and healthier-looking hair.

6. Wear hair extensions if you want temporary color or length.

Wear hair extensions

Do you have short hair, but you are required to color it for a formal party? You can try to wear or clip on a hair extension. Although it is not recommended for daily use, it’s quite a budget-friendly and convenient alternative if you wish to lengthen or color your hair in some days.

7. Whenever you curl your hair, start in the middle.

Yes, there is a better way to achieve fuller curls that last. You just need to use a curling iron and start curling from the midst of your tresses and slowly running through the ends. With this technique, your wavy hairstyle should stay longer.

8. Pair bobby pins with a hairspray.

Do you always have a hard time using bobby pins because they just slide through? We have the perfect solution for you to keep those bobby pins from sliding. Spread out those pins on a dry, cotton towel and spritz them with dry shampoo or hairspray.

Next, take the towel carefully. Start from the sides and then shake it gently. That way, you can distribute the dry shampoo or hairspray evenly throughout the bobby pins. Finally, style your tresses with those pins. You'll be surprised that the bobby pins no longer slide down.

9. Improve your curls with an aluminum foil.

Do you always have a hard time curling your straight hair? You can try this technique. Divide your tresses into equal segments. Curl each portion around your fingers. And then, fold it up into squares of aluminum foil. The square sizes will vary depending on the wave size you desire.

Heat every piece of aluminum foil for 20 to 40 seconds. After which, wait for it to cool before removing. If necessary, spritz hairspray into your waves to hold them in place. Don't worry, though. In most cases, the curls will stay in place the whole day.

10. Achieve your dream hairstyle by using cool and not hot air.

When styling the hair, we often depend on warm air. But did you know that you can actually use cool air? You read that right. Set your blow dryer to the cool mode and dry your hair with it.  

11. Use a dry towel to get rid of all the excess moisture.

After washing your locks, pat your hair gently with a dry towel to eliminate any excess moisture. Avoid rubbing it with the towel. It will only cause frizz.

12. Keep the last half inch of your hair unwrapped while curling.

 Keep the last half inch of your hair unwrapped while curling

If you are curling your straight hair, try to leave the last half inch of your hair out of the curling iron. That way, you can create a more natural hairstyle.

13. Create fake bangs naturally.

It is possible to create an illusion of bangs and you don’t have to use hair extensions or other best hair styling products. You have to begin with a high ponytail first. After that, roll your ponytail up into a bun and splay it on top of your hair. You can  watch video tutorials on how to better do this online.

14. Achieve weightless volume overnight.

For a hairstyle with weightless volume, wash your locks a night before. Then, add an ample amount of  curl defining cream or gel and tie it up into a high bun before going to bed. If you are worried that your hair might end up frizzy and dry when you wake up, you can wear a silk or satin beanie over to your locks. Blow dry  for a few minutes before letting it down.

15. Create instant curls using the ponytail technique.

Do you wish to have beautiful curls, but don’t have enough time? Then this might work for you. Tie your locks into a high ponytail first. Next, divide your mane into sections and wrap them around using a curling iron. Once you are done, release your hair from the ponytail.

16. Level up your ponytail using bobby pins.

Take your ponytail to the next level by using bobby pins. Insert two bobby pins into your ponytail. Make sure they get through your tie. Point the pins towards your neck’s nape.

17. Get a voluminous ponytail using a butterfly clip.

Ever heard of a butterfly clip? If not, ask your hairstylist about it. Put it underneath the ponytail and then over the hair tie. Voila! You get an instant fuller look.

18. Perfect your bun with some twists.

Perfect your bun with some twists

Here's a unique approach to creating buns. Divide the hair into two pigtails. Braid the pigtails and wrap them together. Secure your braids with some bobby pins.

19. Keep your face neat and clean with a partial or simple braid.

Sometimes, our hair gets into our face in such an annoying manner. Although it just happens randomly, know that you can always keep your face hair-free. How? Do a partial braid. Take a tiny section of your hair. Start at the forehead. Braid that section and hide it behind the ears.  

20. Create an instant hair ornament with bobby pins.

If you wish to keep your hairstyle simple but eye-catching, you can still rely on the power of bobby pins. But be sure to choose those pins that have colors that contrast your hair. Pin them together into a triangle and you now have an instant hair ornament!

21. Get gorgeous curls with braids and a flat iron.

Do you really want to curl your hair but don’t have time to do that? Here's another handy for you. Divide your mane into six or more sections and braid each one of them. Heat each braid using a flat iron. Slowly release the braids and you’ll be happy with your curls.

22. Do not apply hairspray directly to your hair.

Instead of spraying hairspray around your hair in a reckless manner, spritz it onto your hands or fingers. And then, slowly run your fingers through your tresses to keep flyaway hair at bay and avoid having a stiff hairstyle.

23. Blow dry from the roots.

Those with straight and thin hair need not to purchase expensive products to add more volume. Just flip the hair upside down and make it a habit to blow dry from the roots. This is best done when hair is wet.

24. Curl your hair with a headband.

Curl your hair with a headband

You need not use heat to curl your hair. After washing your hair at night, wrap along your hair in a headband. Leave it on while sleeping. Take it down the next day and you’d be satisfied with the results.

25. Know all brush types.

Most importantly, understand the use of every brush. Larger round brushes are basically for straightening, while the smaller round brushes are for adding volume and curl.

So, are you running late? Try any of the tips above to have gorgeous hair in an instant.

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