Spring into Summer with 5 Hair Care Tips That Shine!

May 02, 2017

Spring Summer 5 Hair Care Tips

As spring begins to bloom and summer grows ever closer, our excitement at the prospect of fun-in-the-sun comes with a caveat: a realization that the change in seasons brings with it all-new hair care challenges. The sun’s rays and inconsistent humidity -while a welcome respite from the cold, dry winter – can wreak harmful effects on hair, leaving it limp and lifeless.

Fortunately, we at Osensia have got a few tips and tricks to share to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice hair health to maintain your spring and summer social schedule. Follow these 5 hair care tips and much like the sun shining above you, you’ll be golden!

 Spring into Summer Hair Care Tips Infographics

Tip #1: Get your hair wet before you get it wet. Sounds crazy, right? Well, to be more specific, we’re talking about swimming. Before you take a dip in a pool or in saltwater (or any water that’s not clean), you should be saturating your hair. You can do this by drenching it in clean water ahead of time, or by coating it with a leave-in conditioner (For a revitalizing option, check out this Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil, Keratin and Shea Butter.) This will help prevent your hair from soaking up as many chemicals or harmful salt. Make sure you’re also rinsing your hair off afterward, of course!

Tip #2: It’s all about using protection. The sun may feel great and do wonders to improve your mood, but unfortunately, it’s not your hair’s friend. Avoid damage and fading color by applying a daily hair care product with UV protection. Even better, wear a hat with a wide brim - not only is it a fashion-friendly warm weather accessory, it will protect other areas including your forehead, face and ears.

Tip #3: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. In the summer, it’s understandable that you might find yourself washing your hair more frequently than you would normally, to combat sweat, sand, dirt and the like. Make sure you’re replenishing the lost moisture by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We love this Hydrating Gift Set, which includes a deeply moisturizing shampoo as well as a matching conditioner.

Tip #4: Give your hair a break and leave the heat to nature once in a while. Sure, the convenience of hot tools like blow dryers, hot air brushes, flat irons and the like are undeniable – it’s hard to live without them. But, a few times a week, give your hair a break! Your hair will thank you for it. Research ideas on styles with minimal tools required – there are plenty of looks that can be achieved by just putting your hair up the night before, or with the addition of simple accessories. Branch out and get creative!

Tip #5: Not just superheroes wear masks. Headed for the gym for a workout, or to a spot where you’ll be sitting in the sun or in the heat? That’s a perfect time for a hair mask! You’ll be putting nature to work for you by allowing the hair mask to deep condition with added benefit from the heat. Just apply the hair mask, comb through, put your hair up, and go – it’s easy and you’ll love the beautiful results. For gorgeous shine, we recommend this Intense Hydrating Mask, which uses Argan Oil and Keratin to bring softness and life back into tired tresses.

Here at Osensia, we believe in using quality natural hair care products that contain natural ingredients essential for your hair health. No matter what your hair’s needs are, we’re here to help. Check out more hair tips and techniques here.

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