Round Brush and Diffusers Used Right for Maximum Styling

November 18, 2020

Round Brush and Diffusers Used Right for Maximum Styling

The blow dryer is a staple in many a woman’s dresser and vanity but does everyone know how to maximize its purpose? Today we feature fantastic ways to use it with some additional tools: the round brush and the diffuser

The Round Brush

Blow drying your hair with a round brush is a way to create instant and lasting volume. It also is a way to create smooth, sleek styles in wavy or curly hair. Sadly, outside of the salon, very few people know how to blow dry their hair with a round brush. So I'm going to show you the steps and techniques for a proper blowout. Follow these steps and see the difference!

Start with hair that has just been shampooed and lightly towel dried before you even turn on a blow-dryer. You’re going to want to prep your hair first. You're going to want to protect it from the heat with some sort of styling aid if you want extra volume or use a smoothing serum that will prep it for styling. If you need to tame down coarse or thick hair, you may use a primer. For extra volume I'm also going to use the Osensia texturizing spray for some added texture and protection and because I just love the way it smells.

Let’s go ahead and prep the hair with the product of your choice. Once your hair is prepped with the product, run your fingers through it as a form of working the product through other sections of the hair. We want to have full coverage here. Don’t worry if it feels a little damp the dryer will take care of that.

You're then going to want to remove 70 to 80 percent of the moisture from your hair just using the blow-dryer before you even start working with a round brush. There are special brushes like the Pure Elegance brush that can actually help you achieve faster drying times. You can opt to use that. Once hair is a little dry, you’re going to want to section and begin working with the round brush. Take a small section to start with and start with a section down at the bottom of your hair where the shortest layers are. Just clip up the rest of your hair so you can see how much you’ve started with. If your hair is thicker you may want to take a smaller section at a time. If your hair is finer, you can take an even larger section.

To start at the bottom layer of your hair, use a smaller round brush. You can have two round brushes: a larger one and about a medium one. I love that there is a variety in sizes. Use the smaller of the two brushes and then as you work up, change up to the big brush. The technique for using the brush is really all in the wrist. When you start you're going to want to take a small section of hair and you'll push up for volume. And then out and down, it’s really in the wrist so you go up for volume and then out and down for the smoothing effect.

Make sure your blow-dryer is pointing down to smooth the cuticle and when you go up and then go up and down. The blow-dryer simply follows the motion of the brush. Once the section is completely dry, you're going to want to repeat the same process and hold your cold shot button to seal the cuticle of the hair and really lock the blow-dry into place. Continue this process as you are moving on to the next section. You're going to again let down a small section of hair and pin up the crown out of the way. You're also going to switch to the bigger round brush because some layers are slightly larger; it will need the larger round brush for more volume. You can also work with a concentrator nozzle if you'd like to focus your blow-dryer. It helps direct the heat and really get that great angle.

The Diffuser

How to blow dry your hair with a diffuser? Well, if you have curly or wavy hair, you’re probably already familiar with the diffuser. But if you don't know what it is, a diffuser is an attachment that slips on or snaps into your blow-dryer and it does just what the name says. It diffuses the air so instead of just a straight airflow, you'll have a more rounded airflow.

There are several holes that allow the air to come through when you're blow-drying curly or wavy hair. This allows you to have more curl definition and to reduce frizziness in your curls or if you have some kind of wavy hair like mine, a diffuser can actually encourage your hair to be more curly. I blow-dried my hair with the diffuser just moments ago and I'm going to show you how that's done.

A diffuser generally has a lot of tiny holes throughout. Some diffusers have attachments that kind of stick up like pins and these act as fingers. Just like you would use your own fingers to kind of just grab within your hair, that's what these attachments do and the holes allow air to flow through at different points so you just snap the diffuser on your blow-dryer and begin working.

Hair Diffuser

I'm going to show you some tips and techniques to properly use the diffuser. Before you start blow-drying your hair with the diffuser, you're going to want to wash your hair and start with a nice clean head of hair. Then before applying any other product, we are going to start with a Hair Sea Salt Texturizer spray which just is going to give it a little bit of texture. It’s that perfect beachy wave that we all like to sport on a sunny day. Before using the diffuser, just go ahead and spritz that lightly throughout the hair and just kind of work through it with your fingers. Then you're definitely going to want to use a root amplifier. Wavy or curly hair has a tendency to lie flat right at the root and then kind of bow out toward the bottom so you have hair that ends up in the shape of a triangle somewhere on the top of the head. So to kind of even out that shape, a root amplifier will give you some volume and lift right out the roots so that you have a nice full effect that looks much more natural - without too much fullness at the bottom.

This is also a great way to boost volume if you have straighter hair and you're trying to achieve a naturally curly look. You definitely want some volume at the roots as well so make sure to spray right at the root throughout the head. You may opt to section hair while spraying for fuller coverage. Just work around the head with this oh-so-fresh-smelling spray.

Now that you have primed the roots and achieved the look, you're also going to want to encourage the curls to hold once it's blow-dried. You’d want to give it some styling cream or you can always use a mousse. By just taking a small amount, you will just work it through the hair and then kind of scrunch it into it. You can apply more mousse as necessary throughout the blow-dry process if you feel like you want a little bit more hold in that style.

You may then begin working with the diffuser by attaching it to your blow-dryer. Before I start I'll just share with you a technique that works very well with fine-haired girls like me. I'm going to lay my hair over to the side and then using the ridges that are like fingers on this attachment, I will just kind of position it into my hair and push up. With an upward and downward motion, let the air work through the hair. If you want to encourage the curl more or have a little bit tighter curls you can just kind of twist the diffuser head around as you push it up to your head. It’s just like how you're going to grab your hair and twist it and just kind of scrunch it up manually.

You're going to alternate between the diffuser and then just going in and scrunching with your hands to encourage the curl and style it the shape that you want. You can add a little bit more product as you go along. I’ve noticed that most times I needed to put a little bit more product on my hair but this really depends on your hair type.

Toward the end of the blow-dry, encourage the curls with a little bit of hairspray just for extra hold on that style. Just apply a little bit once the hair is completely dry. Then you just flip it back over and by using your fingers to just kind of perfect the style kind of add more lift where you think you need it. As you can see, the technique for using the diffuser is really pretty simple. It's more about letting the tools and the products do their job for you.

With the use of the Round Brush, Diffuser head, and the oh-so-fabulous products of Osensia, you can definitely achieve that salon-fresh look from the comfort of your own home.

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