Quick And Easy Glam Hairstyles Part 2

December 28, 2020

Quick And Easy Glam Hairstyles Part 2

Welcome back, oh-so-fabulous friends! It’s still the season of cheer and I am back with a few more quick and easy hairstyles that are perfect for the parties and special events lined up for the holiday season. Let’s check the following styles for a festive flair like no other.

As per usual, we want to make sure that we begin with a healthy foundation, hair that is well taken care of with the best products possible.


Now before I get ahead of myself, the best prep we can do is having healthy and beautiful hair. And not just this season but for the whole year round!

Hair is at its most beautiful when you use the right products for it. We are talking about paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free and made of environmentally friendly materials. Yes, it is possible to use products that possess all these fantastic qualities. Here at Osensia, this is the norm.

Our hair must be strong and flexible. Use vitamin-infused shampoos rich in biotin –  the hair’s vitamin. Take it the extra mile and reinforce it with strengthening conditioners or volumizing conditioners.   With this powerful combo,  you are definitely all set to start styling for any season!


We have done the braided bun interlaced with the satin ribbon of your color choice. Now, if your hair is a bit on the short side, you may opt to put it in a simple straight-up bun with a nifty little bow to give it a festive punch.

And now on to this half updo with a bow. Let us now do the actual hairstyle. It's gonna take two seconds tops. It is that easy.


So the first thing you're going to do is take a large section of hair on each side of your head and bring those to the back. Secure it with an elastic and then you're going to create a topsy tail of sorts. A half tail, if you will, by flipping the ponytail up and working it through the elastic. You can do it one more time over and into the elastic to create a more pronounced twist. At this point, you may then just use your index and your thumb to pull apart little pieces of the twist to get a better, more done look in the hair.

Once that's all in, all you have to do is clip in your bow, or tie in the bow if you prefer, and you're done. It’s an easy peasy, last-minute hairstyle, with a cute little accessory and I love it! I hope you would love the simple and easy manner of completing it. I very much think that 2020 Blair Waldorf would wear this bow, pretty sure.

I would also like to point out that this bow makes a very cute addition to a topknot. Literally, you just do your topknot of choice and add the bow in under it. And you're done, there you go, a bonus hairstyle!


Embellish holiday hair with gilt and glam — it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up a look without resorting to an exceptionally complex hairstyle. Spice up your look by adding a rose-gold chain to the topknot, and letting it drape gently down the hair or affixing glimmering beads to a strand of hair before securing the topknot. Ribbons, velvet rosettes, even an artificial poinsettia can glam up your look. Minimal effort, the maximum effect is the absolute way to go!

So let's go through the steps on the best way to embellish holiday hair. I hope this becomes one of your favorites.

Bridal Hair

What you're going to need is a velcro roller, some handy dandy hairspray for maximum hold, or a mousse. You may, of course, opt to use a detangler primer. With the variety of items to choose to put in your hair, we wouldn't want any tangles, would we? Now, you don't have any mousse or detangler, you actually can spray your roots with hairspray it first and then wet it down. This is to ensure fullness.

It is also highly recommended to prep hair for styling by not washing it two or three days before. Hair is more work this way. And you do not need to worry about staying fresh and clean either. The secret is using dry shampoos. It will be making a huge difference. Give it a try next time you style. For now, let us begin accessorizing.

Start by finding your glam spot. It’s right here you really want that volume to pop. It’s what we call the money pieces right where you would be placing the accessory of choice. It might sound odd but it makes sense that you would want to place it strategically. Not too overbearing but not too discreet either. If you are going for multiple pieces like those bejeweled pins or clips, mixing and matching them is the key. Colors and sizes also come into play. Just remember: do not overdo it. We wanna stay classy, posh, and glam.


On to our next trick - this is super easy that I do this with my hair a ton and it just makes me feel so regal every time I do so. To start, you're going to need a full headband. It can be a simple or embellished headband or the normal headband that is a half-circle. I just feel like it is so much easier to achieve this look with a full headband. Stretchy half ones can work well, too.

It really is all up to you but I have a go-to band that you're just going to put around your head. Then starting in the front of your head, you leave out whatever pieces you want and we're just going to take some section of hair and tuck it into the headband. Grab another section and tuck it in and we're just going to keep moving around the band tucking the section of hairs in. When you finish tucking in all your hairpieces, you will have a fun easy updo that goes all the way around your head like a beautiful crown of tresses. Secure the tucked-in hair with bobby pins and you are ready to rock that party like a queen.

With the hair you left in front, curl them up for some ringlets to cascade and frame your face. This gives it a more romantic and soft look. Think Taylor Swift from her Love Story video over 5 years ago – still chic and stylish today.


Alright, here would be one more style that is super easy. I'm trying to keep these really simple for all of the guys this time of year. We all know how busy the holidays get and there is stuff we really don't have time for. At the same time, we wanna look effortlessly good.

Let’s brush our hair with our favorite detangler for a pain-free styling experience. Then we're going to take a piece of hair, a small section that's going from right behind ear forward and you could just twist this piece. You would then grab another section of hair from your hairline and twist. Work your way around the hair till you reach the base at your back. Secure this with a bobby pin. Do the same on the left side until both twists meet at the back. Then you're going to grab this whole both sections and gather it into a ponytail with an elastic. Then, to hide the elastic, we will grab a thin section of hair. We're going to keep wrapping that tail end around until it looks like the hair is holding the ponytail in place. Secure with a strategically positioned bobby pin under, and now you just have an adorable ponytail with sides in romantic twisted details.

hairstyle ponytail tutorial
It was super easy and did not take us very long, right? That is just the way we like it. Simple, straightforward, and classy. You can then have fun with little trinkets to style it further. You can also side ponytails using the same method. You will just need to adjust the position of your twists and ponytails. That way you will end up with the ponytail resting on your shoulder.

And there you go oh- so – fabulous- friends! Now you can have great hair and save a little bit of extra time for planning activities with family and friends to enjoy the holidays with or Christmas shopping - That is, if you still have shopping left to do.

Tell me below, have you finished your holiday shopping? Or are you still working on it? Because some years I'm so good that I'm done in October. This year, it's a week until Christmas and I still have at least a few more gifts to buy. It has been crazy busy. Not to mention challenging with adjusting to the new normal.

Let me know which one you are in the comments. And also, do you have any tips on not being a procrastinator Santa? Because I tend to really need that advice. Right now.

But that's it for today's blog and I hope these hairstyles were helpful. Happy holidays and stay fabulous!

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Angie Felix
Angie Felix

March 02, 2021

I love my new brush.its amazing leaves my hair shiny and soft..plus the grip handle..is so comfortable..

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