Quick And Easy Glam Hairstyles Part 1

December 28, 2020

Quick And Easy Glam Hairstyles Part 1

Hello oh-so-beautiful and festive folks! How has your holiday shopping been so far? Are you enjoying the time off, reuniting with family and friends? I hope that you are all spreading the holiday cheer and being stylish and classy at the same time.

Have you bought all the gifts you needed to buy? Oh my, if you are anything remotely like me – a procrastinating Santa, you still probably have some shopping to do. But never fear, we still have a few days left!

Today I wanted to bring you guys some last-minute, low maintenance, easy, holiday hairstyles. Something we can all do despite the busy season. This is a two-part feature, which I hope you can find really useful this season of cheer.

I just love the hustle and bustle of the holidays but sometimes it feels like time is never enough! I love that there are parties to go to, reunions to attend, people to shop for, and all of those festive things! But it does make one very pressed for time. And as much as I love getting very glammed up for parties, I often don't have the time. You know what I mean right?

And I'm assuming that a lot of you are in the same boat as I am now. So I'm going to give you some very fast, very easy holiday hairstyles that can also transition from day to night very easily. Let’s say, if you're going to work and then going to a party right after, these are most definitely for you. I really hope that you would find it helpful and above all else, enjoy the process. I hope you have a good time.

Let's get into it.

Prepping For Pep

Now before I get ahead of myself, the best prep we can do is having healthy and beautiful hair. And not just this season but for the whole year round!

Hair is at its most beautiful when you use the right products for it. We are talking about paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free and made of environmentally friendly materials. Yes, it is possible to use products that possess all these fantastic qualities. Here at Osensia, this is the norm.

Our hair must be strong and flexible. Use vitamin-infused shampoos rich in biotin – the hair’s vitamin. Take is the extra mile and reinforce it with thickening conditioners or volumizing conditioners. With this powerful combo, you are definitely all set to start styling for any season!

Put On The Holiday Bling!

Let's go ahead and talk about the easiest option of them all, the most feminine and stylish option of them all, adding a headband.


I feel like headbands are very much back, this season. I've seen them all over on the more high-end hair accessory Instagram that I follow and I just love them. The best thing about it is without spending a ton of money, you can get a similar, really beautiful look. You can even make use of some old headbands you have or go the extra mile and have a DIY with some colorful cloth or ribbons. The possibilities are endless!

What I am using is a satin headband I bought online. It is simple, classy, and would fit any occasion. We will start with the hair in soft wavy curls. Nothing too heavy, just some romantic curls to be a step out of the ordinary. You may use a texturizer if you have natural curls just to add some flair and layers. If you have straight hair, this headband look works, too.

Now, I just want to share with you guys my favorite way to take your hair from just standard, basic party curls to just a little something more. We will start by taking the ends of the headband and putting them kind of aligned to your temples. Feel it near the temples right there, then kind of in line with the end of your eyebrows. Once it is set, slide it back until it's behind your ear, and then set the headband in place. That way you have your hair swept back with some hair still in front of your ears. I feel like you guys probably can relate to this. Sometimes we just need some kind of frame around the face, even if it's just those little earpieces. And that, my oh-so-delightful- friends can be your full look. Finish with a leave-in conditioner for soft and smooth hair all day or night.

I know what you’re thinking. Some hairstyle tutorials can be 10 steps long and require you to stand on one foot while reciting the alphabet backward as you do it. This is not that one. It's literally just a matter of adding something cute into your hair and just like that, it makes you a little bit more festive. Keep it short and simple – KISS! That is the best way to start glamming up.

The Braided Up do

Now onto the next quick and easy hairstyle - the braided up do. This hairstyle will work on any hair texture, whether your hair is straight or curly, or on its second or third-day hair. It can even work on short or medium-length hair with just a little bit of help from hairpins and a bit of technique.

The first step is to load the hair up with dry shampoo and then you can do this up do. Yes, dry shampoo does not only have the power to keep your second or third-day hair clean and fresh smelling. Dry shampoo can also add that ummph for layer and volume which is super critical for full and glamorous up do's. Believe me, just a bit and it's good to go.

If you feel like cheating a little bit and you are feeling very fancy, you may use extensions or hairpieces. Choose one that is close to your hair color and can stay in place or at the very least, lay flat enough for a seamless transition. I have a few myself. Some to lengthen my hair, some to just add some bangs – just to spice things up a bit.

Obviously, if you're not using any extensions, all you need to do is just pull everything into a hair elastic. Bundle all your luscious hair up, girl, and then we are gonna let out some little pieces around the front to frame the face. This also softens the look and makes it more romantic especially if you plan to curl those wisps.

Now, take a good look at that beauty in the mirror. Can we just pause and take a moment to see how good the classic ponytail looks by just adding in that extra little thing? Classy, sexy, and neat.

Okay, now let us start braiding. And for a little extra feel of festivities, let us go for the ribbon. This could be any color you like. I went with the very neutral, easy-to-wear black since it goes well with almost anything. You should go for the thicker ones around an inch and 1/2 thick so that it pops and we can achieve a full bow effect later.

Hair braid
Make sure that the ribbon’s length is twice as long as your ponytail. That way you have enough extra room for the braid and to tie it at the end of the whole hairstyle. And it's also better to go longer rather than shorter because you can always cut off the ends if you need to. You definitely don't wanna have to redo the whole thing, because your ribbon was too short, right? We need to be a step ahead for this one. After measuring the length of the ribbon against your hair, fold the ribbon in half. You're just gonna put a bobby pin through the halfway point so you can attach that to your ponytail and make everything easier.

To do the actual hairstyle, you're just gonna stick the bobby pin down and into the ponytail, so that will hold in place. Try to secure it at the bottom or at a discreet area. Then you're going to split your hair into three parts, leaving the ribbons in a section each. You are then going to braid your hair all the way down, including the ribbon. Leaving the effect of the ribbons entangling with the braids in a beautiful manner. In the end, you can secure it with an elastic if you want, or you may use a bobby pin.

Because with all the extra ribbon I feel like elastic is a lot of work to make your way around tying it. Using a hair clip is also a great option.

And now we are going to pull the braid apart slightly, just to let it breathe a little bit and make it look a bit fuller. You will then wrap the hair into a bun and pin it in place. And then all that's left to do is to tie a bow with the excess ribbon at the ends and you're done. Finish with a serum to keep the frizz away.

Personally, I love the little bow. I love the ribbon and I think it's a great way to just dress up your old-school braided bun and make it ready for holidays.

We have a few more quick and easy hairstyles in store for you and it is definitely something to look forward to. Catch you all later oh-so-beautiful folks and Happy Holidays!

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