Party Harder: Have Hair That Parties As Hard As You Do

December 16, 2020

Party Harder: Have Hair That Parties As Hard As You Do

Hello oh-so-fabulous friends! It’s finally December! I am so sure that you are all excited to celebrate and have that long-awaited party with friends and family. There are feasts to prepare, events to mark on our calendar, and lots of stories to share. Oh, what fun things are in store for us indeed!

And since the season of holiday parties is here, we all know that we will be styling our hair a lot. Whether it is for a family affair, a reunion with friends, or a virtual party with folks from all over the world...(We adapt with the times despite the pandemic. COVID-19 cannot stop us!), you cannot help but get hyped during the Holidays! So if you’re ever stuck for ideas, or are looking to try a new look for the season, we’ve got a list of holiday hair tips and tutorials right here to keep you edgy and fresh. Also, how would you like to try some hacks on how to make the fabulous hairstyle you just made last longer than a few minutes?

From Minutes to Hours

Have you ever styled your hair for an event and a couple of hours in, it’s as if all of the action in front of the mirror never happened? That sweet, sleek, straight hair is back to the frizzy, puffy mop that it was; those bouncy, luscious locks are left to being limp and flat, and the buns and updos are no longer up or perky. It is such a heartache to see these things happen. Imagine all of that effort going down the drain.

It is not enough that you’ve selected and got the perfect party hair down pat, you really need to make sure it lasts, as long as you do in the event. You know, longer than the time you leave the vanity dresser then off to the party. We wanna celebrate with a proper updo and not let it fall apart after a few minutes right? So let’s check out some tips to making certain our style holds up through the night!

How To Keep Styled Hair Stay Longer

1. Ditch The Wash 

By now, you should know that daily washing is really not a good idea. And if you are planning to style your hair at all, be sure to do it on those precious no-wash days, like when it’s on second-day hair.

The second-day hair holds styles better, especially for curls and waves. This is because unwashed hair strands are not as slippery as compared to freshly washed hair. Why is this important? Well, your hairstyle, including waves and updos, won’t keep sliding down for one thing. Ain’t that a winning tip to start it right?

If you have the time, plan it out and prepare in advance. On the wash day before the event, you may use your favorite shampoo - preferably one infused with nature’s vitamins. This will ensure that your hair received the dose of nutrients it needed prior to styling. Preparation is really key!

2. Go Dry and Go Straight

If the look you are going for is a straight, sleek hairstyle, you should definitely start by blow-drying your hair. Make sure to use one with a nozzle for the best results. But first, be absolutely certain that you’ve gotten rid of all the wetness and moisture before you begin ironing or doing any styling. Damp hair is not very receptive to the product and in some cases, it would not allow the product to be optimized for its purpose. So make sure to dry it out.

When hair is completely dry with the help of a blower, let it cool down a bit before touching it again for styling. This method will keep your hair cuticles flat and will help avoid the moisture from sneaking its way back in to cause your hair to get frizzy once more. It is also very critical to iron the hair section by section. This allows a more uniform distribution of heat and proper layering.

Osensia Blow Dry

When done, apply a serum that will give your hair a boost of shine. You may also go for leave-in cream to seal in the style and keep frizz at bay. Whichever one you choose will absolutely ensure that your blow-dried hair will not fizzle. That is definitely not the look we are going for.

3. Be Picky With Your Products

Be discerning with your taste. Take your standards up a notch because… why not?! You are a winner and you deserve the best this season and always! Select the best all-natural-based products to care for your lovely tresses. You absolutely deserve all the pampering

Now, you are going for a wavy hairstyle or lots of romantic curls, good and fitting hair care products would surely be a fantastic choice. To ensure that your curls last longer and become more defined, apply just the right amount of hair primer to your hair before blow-drying it. This protects your hair from heat and creates the optimal state for your hairstyling procedures. You can treat your hair with hairspray that has a good hold, whether before, during, and after styling. This technique works best for curly hair for layering and definition. This will give your hair extra texture which will help prolong the lifespan of your curls. Keep it light and bouncy or with a seductively wavy tone. If you need more texture and layers, a texturizing spray will surely give you what you need.

There are many options to choose from but it would absolutely be best if you choose products that are paraben-free and were not tested on animals. Your hair is like a canvas and the right products will bring out the true beauty and vibrancy of your hair - a true work of art!

4. Vavavoom Volume With Dry Shampoo

Do you ever feel like your hair is starting to fall flat, limp, or lifeless in the middle of an event? Well, this has happened to the best of us, I am sure. However, here in Osensia, we have the solution to that. For volume, regardless of your hair type, the dry shampoo can amp the fullness while keeping your hair smelling great and feeling fresh!

Osensia Dry Shampoo
Take a beeline to the bathroom and apply dry shampoo to your roots and be brave. This particular dry shampoo does not leave any visible residue and is safe for color-treated hair. This will surely lessen your worries if you are using dry shampoo for the first time. To really optimize the fullness, you may also tease your hair a bit at the crown, using a rat tail comb. It is a classic, quick fix for a hairstyle that’s starting to lose height and volume.

5. Keep Your Hands Off The Prize

You have spent a couple of days researching and choosing the best hairstyle. Then it took you around one to two hours to make it a reality - either from the comfort of your own home or with the help of a professional. So please...try to keep your hands off your crowning glory.

Frequently touching or fussing with it would make your strands absorb the oil from your hands and some first, too, I am sure. And we know that grease and moisture are not exactly friends with your precious hairstyle. We wouldn’t want these elements making their way back into your lovely locks after all your effort. Keep your hands to yourself.

And there you have it! Five simple ways to extend the life cycle of your hairstyle. Follow these tips and keep your party hair pretty and on point from dusk ‘til dawn! Never have your hairstyle come apart in the middle of the event ever again!

And since we gave you the tips to make hair last, let’s take it further by featuring a really timeless favorite when it comes to festive looks:


When you feel like a full-on topknot or bun looks just too done, and sporting free-flowing waves are too casual and ordinary, try a mix it up and get a combo that gives you a look of sophistication and sultriness - the best of both worlds!

Half Updo

Here Are The Steps

  • Start by taking a section of hair above the ear, clipping it out of the way. Then, wrap about one to two-inch sections of the lower hair around a curling iron. Do this for the whole remaining hair to create curls. Once it is done, allow hair to cool down prior to holding power.
  • Lightly mist it with a texturizing spray. This will be the foundation for maintaining the look.
  • Rake through the hair with your fingers and pull the entire top section into a tight ponytail with an elastic at the top of your head.
  • You may now begin twisting hair around the base of the ponytail until it forms a tight bun. Discreetly secure this with hairpins.
  • Finish with hairspray on the bun for firmer hold and shine.
  • Now, gently loosen the bottom curls for a wavy, romantic look.

Embellish Holiday Hair 

With glitz, glam, and some imagination, the half do is one of the easiest styles to dress up. By affixing some glittering beads or fancy hairpins, for instance, your half do is sure to show your festive spirit.

THAT is it for now fabulous folks! We will be sure to share more hairstyles in the next blog so stay tuned! Better yet, do you have a go-to-hairstyle in the holiday season? Share them in the comments below.

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