Natural Leave In Conditioners: Everything You Need to Know

September 11, 2018

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

Whether you are looking for solutions to tangled and frizzy hair or you only want to improve your hair care routine, know that there are plenty of natural leave-in conditioners out on the market today. While some help add volume to the hair, others actually soften those curls.  

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Now, in case you are not familiar with natural leave-in conditioners and how they work, don’t worry. We created this guide to explain just everything about these products.  

What is a natural leave-in conditioner?

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

You've probably heard the words “natural leave-in conditioner” before, but what is it? Will it do good for your hair or not? We'll answer these questions one-by-one.

A natural leave-in conditioner is a product that you apply to a towel-dried hair, usually after you shampoo and condition and before styling. With a leave-in conditioner, your hair gets the sufficient amount of moisture needed to detangle those strands, making hair styling a breeze.

In most cases, a natural leave-in conditioner is applied after stepping out of the shower. It is then followed up with combing using a wide toothed-comb to easily and gently detangle the strands. Once the hair is free from frizz, it’ll be easier to move forward to your daily styling routine. As long as you use this hair care product, whether you blow dry your hair or let it air dry, hair should stay smooth and its natural texture will show.

Who can use a natural leave-in conditioner?

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

Regardless of your hair type, you can actually benefit from a leave-in conditioner. Be it frizzy, damaged, or dry hair, this product can add shine and give the sufficient amount of moisture your hair needs.  

Having said that, no matter what your hair type is, you should consider adding a natural leave-in conditioner into your daily hair care routine. Soon thereafter, your hair will reap the rewards.

Although this product is normally used every after washing the hair, it does not suggest it should be that way all the time. One of the most convenient ways to use this product is to apply it before going to sleep and leaving it on overnight. In the morning, you’d wake up with a soft and smooth hair.  

How do you choose a leave-in conditioner for your hair type?

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

When it comes to buying a natural leave-in conditioner, there are many factors you need to take into account. Aside from the price, you have to look for one that is formulated for your hair type and can get rid of certain  hair problems, such as hair loss and greasy and gray hair.

  • Curly and Wavy Hair –Do you have a curly or wavy hair? A natural leave-in conditioner is just what you need. No matter whether you’ve got a curly or wavy hair, this amazing product can help ease styling.  
  • Straight and Thick Hair –Yes, straight and thick hair does not always need quite as much help unlike wavy and curly hair. After all, you can just let it down and let it show its beauty. Then again, people with this hair type can still use natural leave-in conditioners. That way, they can keep their hair nourished and hydrated at all times.
  • Oily Hair –Unfortunately, leave-in conditioners won’t fix oily hair problems, but using one does not really make your hair look “oilier”. While some leave-in conditioners are formulated to give a slightly oily look to your hair, especially the cream types, you have the option to use a spray-type leave-in conditioner.
  • Dry and Damaged Hair –All natural leave-in conditioners are ideal for dry and damaged hair. You just need to be smart in choosing which one to buy. We suggest you read the labels first. If you can find one that is specifically created for dry and damaged hair, then great. That is because it has been formulated to be more restorative and hydrating.
  • Colored and Treated Hair –When looking for a leave-in conditioner for colored or chemically-treated hair, be sure to check if it has been labelled color-safe. Even if the labels say it uses all-natural ingredients, there are rare instances when these ingredients cause fading.  
  • Kids and Knotty Hair –If you’ve got a knotty hair or you are looking for a leave-in conditioner that is safe for kids, choose one that nourishes and detangles hair. It should be more than enough to handle the unruly hair of kids every morning.

The Best Natural Leave-in Conditioner

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

Still don’t know which leave-in conditioner suits your hair? We’ve got the perfect recommendation:  O So Thick & Strong Leave-in Conditioner from Osensia.  

This leave-in conditioner is formulated to defy frizz and detangle those knots. With its creamy blend, it sure does smoothen, shine, and protect your tresses and help keep it healthy and smooth.

Thanks to the biotin present in this product, breakage is prevented and hair growth is encouraged. Coconut oil, on the other hand, retains moisture. To prevent hair color from fading, O So Thick & Strong Leave-in Conditioner uses a botanically-enriched formula to protect hair from harsh color chemicals and treatments.

Now, why should you use Osensia’s natural leave-in conditioner? The answer is simple. It offers a plethora of benefits. Not only does it thicken your hair and add texture, it makes hair look shinier and eliminates the use of heat-dependent tools. And did we say that it is ideal for all hair types?  

Yes, there are many other leave-in conditioners available today, but brand allegiance aside, we would still recommend this product. Don’t ask why. The benefits it offers explains it all.

How to Properly Use Natural Leave-in Conditioners

natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

Assuming you already know what a natural leave-in conditioner is and how to choose the best one for your hair type, it is time to incorporate it into your hair care routine. Follow the steps below on how to properly use a natural leave-in conditioner like a pro:

1. Begin by washing your hair.  

Obviously, you need to have a fresh start. Step into the shower and use a shampoo and a conditioner that is specially formulated for your hair type. Osensia has lots of shampoos and conditioners to choose from. We’ve got options for dry hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, and curly hair, too! This guide should help you decide which is  the best shampoo and conditioner to buy.

2. Apply the natural leave-in conditioner.

Most leave-in conditioners come with application guide or instructions, but generally, you have to apply it to a damp, towel-dried hair. After which, style as usual. Be sure to apply from the mid-lengths of your strands to the ends. As much as possible, avoid the roots as it will only make your hair appear greasy.

You need not rinse it. After all, it’s a leave-in conditioner. Just leave it as is. Take note that a little goes a long way already, but you can always experiment to find out the exact amount of leave-in conditioner your hair needs. For instance, if you have a longer hair, you might have to use more.

3. Comb your hair.

Here is something each one of you must know. The hair is very fragile when it is wet. Thus, skip the brushes and use a wide toothed-comb to get rid of tangled strands. After you apply the natural leave-in conditioner, gently glide the comb through your tresses to help undo the tangles and knots.

4. Style your hair as you normally would.

Congratulations, you are ready to style your hair. Whether you want to blow-dry or air dry it, it’s up to you. If you want to blow-dry your hair, do not forget to use a heat protectant first. You can easily find one in the local grocery. For a bouncy and smooth style, we recommend the use of a round brush. But first, rough dry your hair. Once it is almost completely dry, grab the round brush and curl your hair around it to give it volume.

If you want to keep your hair style simple, you may air dry it. This is the best hair style for days when you are not in the mood for styling. First, spritz an air-dry hair spray onto damp hair. Next, add style and character to your hair, braid it. Once your hair has dried, undo the braid and shake it out. It's that easy!


natural leave-in conditioner, tame frizzy hair, hair care routine

It is highly recommended that you include a natural leave-in conditioner into your hair care regimen. However, the amount to be used must depend on your hair type and hair care needs. For example, if your hair is thin and short, a small amount is enough. If your hair is long and frizzy, you may consider applying a generous amount on a daily basis.

To sum up everything, it is of utmost important that you understand the purpose of a natural leave-in conditioner and how it works to come up with an effective hair care routine. Do not be afraid to experiment with it. In the long run, your hair will thank you.

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