Have a Happy Holiday Hair!

December 16, 2020

Have a Happy Holiday Hair

Hello Oh-so-fabulous folks! Ohhh, I am feeling so festive and very excited for the holidays coming our way soon. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year... Oh, all these holidays, combined with the chill of the winter air sure give me a surge of energy. Winter is upon us!

However, not everyone is excited about this change in the season. The winter holidays bring with it a lot of stress, and high stress is known to cause shedding and thinning of hair. For a lot of us, the holidays also mean unhealthy eating or deviating from our normal diets and eating patterns. From too much junk food to extreme crash diets or binge eating, take your pick. While it’s tempting to go on a crash diet before big holiday parties or vacations or to try to reverse the effects of those holiday treats, trendy cleanses and diets can be tough on your hair. In fact, extreme diets can even deprive your body of many of the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. This can cause excessive shedding and thinness of the hair – also called seasonal hair fall.

In today’s today's blog, I will be discussing some of the main hair issues that we all face in the winter months. I will also share with you some tips and hacks for healthier hair this season. So without wasting any further time, let's get started!

Dry and Itchy Scalp

So the first main issue we all face in the winter months is a dry and itchy scalp. Now, this basically happens because we are exposed to dry air. To keep us warm, we use heaters inside the house. We also need to use hot water for a bath to be possible. There is a lack of moisture in the air, too. So all of these factors combined, make the skin on your scalp dry and itchy. What we need is moisture!

We need moisture every day but more so during winter. Look at it this way. Just as the way the skin on your face gets dry, it is the same way with the skin on your scalp. It also gets really itchy and dry. The other thing that you need to make sure of is that you're using a gentle and mild shampoo and conditioner- nothing too harsh. Nothing with too much sulfate in it, either, which will make your scalp even drier. In fact. Use products that are sulfate and paraben-free to ensure healthier locks.

You may also try using a mask as a conditioner. Better yet, try putting some leave-in cream before stepping out. You can use this to style your hair and protect it at the same time.

In the shower, make sure to use a good thickening conditioner. You may try leaving it in your hair for a longer time – let’s say 3 to five minutes. Ten if you can afford it. And of course, avoid using too much hot water. In fact, you can try a cold rinse at the end after using the conditioner. It seals your cuticles and most importantly you have to make sure that you're nourishing your scalp properly.

Color Treated or Damaged Hair

I have had my hair go through a multitude of cuts, styles, and colors over the years. It's certainly a miracle that I have any hair left! However, my hair has definitely become very frail. I have always had fine strands and seeing clumps of hair on my brush drives me paranoid.

This leads me to talk about the second issue: How to prevent further damage.

Straw-like, frizzy and brittle hair are pretty common especially for people who have colored damaged hair. I'm sure you can relate to what I'm talking about now. This happens because of depleted levels of moisture in the air which actually. Due to the weather, it kind of sucks out the moisture and makes your hair drier. I have also noticed that in the winter, people drink less water which also affects your skin and hair.

Damaged Hair
Rehydration is key! Consciously make it a point to drink lots of water to keep hydrating yourself because in the winter the most important thing you can do for your skin and hair is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, not just from the outside but also from the inside. Water is your best friend here. You may also drink juices but if it is not natural, those might be rich in sugar. Teas and coffees on the other hand, can warm you but it is a diuretic which can lead to water loss if taken too much.

Be sure to also use products that are safe for color-treated hair. Not only will you be giving your hair the care it needs, you would also be able to keep the color more vibrant longer. Using the right stuff can make a world of a difference!

Keep Yourself Warm But...

Avoid too much heat on your hair. For instance, keep your place warm, but not really hot. Be sure your hair doesn’t get a temperature shock whenever you leave or arrive home. If the temperature inside your apartment or house is too hot, it can cause irritations to your scalp and skin. Oh, I know, sitting in front of the fireplace, in your favorite onesie or snuggie feels so good. However, open your windows at least a crack to let air circulate in the room. Better yet, you may even enlist the help of a humidifier. The heat can dry out your strands so increase the moisture in your home as well as make sure you are drinking enough water to stay hydrated. I just cannot stress this enough.

Of course, when it comes to heat, it is also applicable to the water you use. Yes, ditch those hot showers if you can. At the very least try to use room temperature or lukewarm water for your hair.

We all can agree that it will be very tempting to get a hot shower on a very cold day. But if you really care for your hair and scalp, keep the shower temperature down. Hot water can only dehydrate your hair and skin. Warm showers are just as effective and much less drying on your hair and scalp.

Less Is More

Yes, when it comes to washing your hair during the holidays. How often do you actually shampoo in the cold season? Thrice a week? Every other day? According to experts, if we shampoo our hairless, we can keep it from drying out.

The science behind it is that washing the hair too much, especially during the winter will also strip it of the moisture and natural oils it needs to remain healthy. Also, if you’re leaving the hair wet or damp when going outside, it can actually cause the hair to freeze and break off causing unnecessary damage. And no one wants any holiday hair fallout!

What you can do aside from shampooing less in the shower, is to use dry shampoo. You will experience fresher, fuller hair with the use of a good dry shampoo that won’t feel heavy or leave residue on your hair. This is the best option for no-wash days.

Another recommendation is to use a blow dryer on a medium or low setting to dry the hair before stepping out. Be sure to use one with a nozzle, too, if you want to minimize the amount of time your hair would be exposed to heat.

For our curly-haired beauties, a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment will do wonders to optimize your waves and luscious curls. Style it up with hair spray or texturizers to make sure your locks stay wavy. Brave the cold and remain oh-so-stylish!

Deep Conditioning Is The Key

The hair’s thirst for the moisture is real during the off-holiday season – more so when it is winter. From how you live to where you live, the weather can definitely cause havoc on your lovely locks. during the colder months. However, this is why we are pushing for the ultimate hair nourishment. We should not let these issues be an excuse not to keep our hair looking its best throughout the entire holiday season.

Hair Deep Conditioning

We must first make conditioning (especially deep conditioning) a priority. Yes, conditioning is necessary but it does not stop in the shower. It has to be reinforced even after you are done. Here are some of the ways:

Use a shampoo that gives hair a boost of needed vitamins. It starts with the right products after all. Once you are done with your shampooing for the week, you may then apply your conditioner. It is recommended to use either a Biotin-infused conditioner for added vitamins or a volumizing conditioner. It will strengthen your strands and promote hair growth plus add moisture. This is very important, especially for those who reside in the Northern regions. I do not skimp on this process and I make sure to have a serum for my hair as well. I make sure I do it every wash day. This will ensure that I lock in the moisture when I step outside.

And there you have it. Some simple steps to follow to ensure Happy Holiday Hair this season!

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