Detangle With Ease Using Osensia’s Newest Flexible Brush

March 19, 2019

flexible brush, hair brush, detangling brush

Is there a hair brush that makes your tresses shinier, detangle it easily, and don't pull your strands? Is there a hair brush that perfectly contours to the head, giving you a brushing experience like no other? Is there a hair brush that is made of materials that offer your tresses and scalp nothing but health benefits? Yes, there is.

Osensia's team is happy and excited to introduce a breakthrough brush that will make a mark in the hair care industry:Flexible Hair Brush That Is Infused with 17 Rare Earth Minerals.It's perfected to provide users with the best possible experience in terms of brushing!

For many years, our team spent hours for research, design, and development to come up with this innovative brush. Now, we are all set to make the whole world try it firsthand.

Once you try this brush firsthand, you will instantly realize it’s the only brush you need. It’s the only brush that can make a positive difference to your crowning glory.

Our Brush for a Healthier Hair

flexible brush, hair brush, detangling brush

Dealing with stubborn, tangled hair can be a headache for many women. Not only does it take time to detangle and smoothen, it can also affect one’s self confidence.

If only every girl can wake up to a beautiful hair that is free of frizz and tangles, then this world would be such a beautiful place. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. The painful truth is that there’s so many things on this planet that can impact one’s hair.

Although there are shampoos and conditioners that promise us perfect and gorgeous hair, the thing is we need to spend fortunes for them. Even worse, some are only gimmicks and false promises.

Now, what if there is one brush that can answer every girl’s hair woes? What if there is a brush that does more than just brushing your hair? Well, that would be great news.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what Osensia wants to offer you. We have a new brush that does not only give your hair the shine it deserves, it also does its job without stressing your scalp and strands. Amazing, isn’t it?

Long ago, we thought that there wasn’t really a brush that suits every hair. But with our efforts and hard work, we know we have reached a significant milestone. With careful consideration of the  most common hair problems, we were able to create our  Fresh Flexi Brush Boar Nylon Bristles.

We are confident that this will be your new favorite brush.

Inventive Design

Our Fresh Flexi brush has two different versions. The first one comes with soft nylon bristles. The other one has a combination of boar bristles and nylon pins.

Though there are slight differences in the materials used, we can promise that both designs have a flexible and durable back design that easily adjusts to any person’s head. And yes, we’ve conducted a few tests already to prove that!

You probably are wondering why among all materials, why did we choose boar bristles and nylon pins?

Boar Bristles

Boar bristles are known to have many benefits to the hair. These include:

  • Boar bristles are believed to have volumizing and smoothing properties.
  • They can effectively fix unruly hair.
  • These bristles are known to make the hair shinier, even without using other hair care products.
  • Boar bristles can help stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.
  • They are said to help naturally condition the hair.
  • These bristles can prevent the build-up of oil on the scalp.

Nylon Pins

Like boar bristles, nylon pins are beneficial for the hair, too. Their benefits include:

  • Nylon pins are generally heat resistant.
  • Their lengths can be easily adjusted to make them perfect for blowouts.
  • They are ideal for backcombing sessions.

Our Brush Structure

To give you a better idea of how our brush looks like, here is an overview of its structure:

1. Flexible Open Back

Our brush has a flexible open back that will adjust and adapt to any head shape. It is designed to glide perfectly and allow the bristles to evenly reach all strands. This design is perfect for blow drying.

2. Ergonomic Handle

Because of our brush’s ergonomic handle, it will easily fit in the hand. It also allows a solid grip.

3. Soft Bristles

Our brush has gentle bristles that will gently caress your strands and scalp. The soft bristles are just perfect for detangling wet hair.

4. Ceramic Coated Brush Head

Because its brush head is coated with ceramic, then heat can be distributed evenly. It’s perfect for drying wet hair.

Rare Earth Elements

flexible brush, hair brush, detangling brush

Above, we mentioned that our hair brush is infused with rare earth elements. What are these? We’ve got answers below.

We're assuming you’re familiar with thePeriodic Table of Elements.This interesting science topic teaches us that there are many different elements present on this earth. For our brush, we only used 17 of them. These include the 15 elements under the Lanthanide series and 2 elements that share the same characteristics: Scandium and Yttrium.

Among the hundreds of elements out there, why these rare earth elements? The answer is simple. It's because they offer many benefits to the hair, which will be explained further below.

The Lanthanide Series

The elements under the Lanthanide series have properties that help retain a great body condition. They work by boosting the body’s calcium absorption; hence they’re usually calledSuper Calcium. 

In addition, they are also said to have self-healing properties. But then again, it's something that is still being studied further.

Infrared Ray Emission

These elements can work to eliminate waste materials from the body and promote proper blood circulation.  


Germanium is widely known as an element that supplies oxygen and help get rid of toxic materials from the body. Aside from that, it also has antibacterial and deodorant functions, which is why it is widely used to treat eczema and dandruff.  

Now, what exactly is this element? It's a gray-colored element that comes with features similar to that of other semi-metal minerals. It's usually considered a semiconductor. Its atomic number is 32 that means it has 32 electrons. When touched or combined with foreign substances, one of the four electrons would be taken out and will join the other electrons of the foreign substance. What does this mean?  

Germanium can control the flow electricity in your body and get rid of any foreign substances. It will also disintegrate and eliminate heavy contaminants, metals, and chemicals.

When all these perks are combined, you will likely have a healthier scalp, and a stronger and shinier hair.

Brushing Makes a Difference

Have you ever been in a situation where you woke up to a frustrating hair day when your hair doesn’t seem to listen at all? Worry no more!

At Osensia, we believe that brushing the hair should not be a torture. It should not even be a painful experience. We also believe that beautiful hair only shows when good habits and the right tools are used.

Putting Our Hair Brush to a Test

Our team is very confident with our product. That is why we decided to give away prototypes to local parlors. We didn’t expect the results. They were in awe. They eventually asked to order more of our brushes to be displayed on their salon for their customers to see.

According to them, the brushes helped them attract more customers. They're simply soft, gentle, and great for the hair. They are perfect for daily use.

What People Have to Say

We don’t want to settle on first impressions. We wanted to ensure that customers were really satisfied with our hair brush.  

After two weeks, we connected with our customers and sought their opinions and thoughts. They just loved it.

Our Team’s Journey  

flexible brush, hair brush, detangling brush

Before we were able to come up with a final design, we’ve done a couple of tests. We wanted to make a brush that is really innovative and handy.  

From epoxy to handles of different sizes and shapes, we sourced a variety of materials and components to run the tests. Although it wasn’t easy, in the end, it was all worth it. At this point, we know we have made the perfect brush for your detangling needs.  

Help Us Realize Our Goals!

Osensia is a company that is known for its natural beauty and hair products. Though we have already introduced a couple of products to the market, we believe that this one is more special.  

We made this brush with the aim of helping solve every woman’s hair woes. So, to help us fund this product and show your support, we urge you to check out our  Kickstarter Campaign: The Flexible Brush That Won't Pull Your Hair. Help us reach our goal by pledging!

Every pledge has a corresponding reward. Take note that this campaign is all or nothing. It will only be funded if it reaches its goal by April 20, 2019. If this is something that interests you, then feel free to reach out to us. Better yet, share our campaign with friends who you know might be interested in solving the most common hair problems!

Together, let’s help realize the dream of having better hair days ahead!

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