June 12, 2019

Hair is definitely one of the top three most attractive features of a woman. While everyone has their own preferences, you have to admit there’s something so enchanting about a woman with curly hair. Sure, girls with straight hair can catch attention, but somehow, it doesn’t quite match up to the girls with the curls. Curly hair is attractive and enticing, but it is also very hard to deal with. If you have curly hair, we want to make things easier for you. Read these tips on how to deal with your curly hair:

Know how to comb your hair.

deal with curly hair, curly hair care

There’s more to combing your hair than just dragging the brush from the top of your head down to the bottom. The type of brush or comb that you use is important, but you should also focus on the act of combing. Incorrect brushing technique can actually cause damage to the hair strands and cuticle. Curly hair is actually more prone to damage because of its structure. In fact, the tighter the curl, the more easily it can be damaged. One of the general rules for those with curly hair is to limit the number of times you comb your hair. Ideally, you only handle or touch your hair when it’s wet. After that, you leave it alone for the rest of the day. When you need to comb your hair, make sure that you start from the bottom. Starting from the ends allows you to detangle any knots gently. If you start from the top of your head, all the knots and tangles will converge at the ends, making it more difficult to untangle.

Comb using the right tools.

The combing technique is important, but so is the type of comb that you use. For curly hair, you cannot use a fine-toothed comb. That will simply not work with curly hair textures. The best thing to do would be to use a wide-tooth comb. Alternatively, you could also just finger-comb your locks. Brushing with a paddle brush should be minimized because too much brushing can damage the strands. In fact, many curly girls avoids using a brush because of the damage it can cause. If a regular comb doesn’t work on your hair, try a  hair detangler brush. This is a specific type of comb with widely spaced teeth that can gently untangle any knots in the hair.

Trim your hair often.

Your textured hair will be prone to split ends. Deal with this problem by having a trim every six to eight weeks. Regular trimming will keep your hair healthy and bouncy.

Moisturize your locks.

deal with curly hair, curly hair care

Dryness and frizziness are the biggest problems with curly hair textures. Keep the frizz at bay by making sure you never skip the conditioner. Keeping your hair moisturized will ensure that your hair looks its bouncy and shiny best. Try using a product that contains coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, or other highly restorative ingredients.

Use a hair serum.

Because textured hair is a little more high maintenance than straight hair, you can expect to use more products. This does not mean drowning your hair strands in products because that would be no good. Use a drop of hair serum on damp hair to seal in shine and smoothness. A good serum like Osensia’s O So Calm Smoothing Serum can get rid of hair frizziness while nourishing each strand with the vitamins and proteins that it needs.

Eat the right food.

You might be thinking, what does my food have to do with my hair? The answer is simple. You are what you eat. Whatever you take into your body will be reflected in the way you feel and look. If you eat healthily, you will look healthy. If you don’t like something about yourself, you need to make an effort to change it. Eat lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. This will help build the nutrients in your body and keep your hair healthy from the inside.

Use a microfiber towel.

deal with curly hair, curly hair care

The common terrycloth towel doesn’t work for curly hair. The fibers of the terrycloth towel can affect your hair cuticles causing it to frizz. You can avoid being a frizzy monster by using a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair. Make sure that you do not twist or pull your wet hair. Gently squeeze out excess water then pat your hair dry with the microfiber cloth. You’ll notice that it makes a difference in the appearance of your hair.

Do not overdo the shampoo.

Curly hair’s biggest enemy is dryness. Cleaning your hair too much will dry it out. It strips the hair of its natural oils, and curly hair needs all the natural oils it can get. The natural oils are your biggest weapon in helping your hair look great at all times. You can limit your hair cleaning routine to once or twice a week. Additionally, there is the “no-poo” movement, also known as the Curly Girl Method. What this means is that you will stop using shampoo altogether. This co-washing (conditioner washing) method is something vouched for by many curly-haired women. You could try it to see whether it enhances your curls and works for you.

Avoid swimming.

Swimming in a pool or in the ocean can damage your hair. Salt water is very drying, and the chemicals in a swimming pool will wreak havoc on your curls. The sun, the heat, and the water all combine to cause an adverse effect on your hair. Now, don’t worry if you really want to go swimming. What you can do is cover your hair strands with leave in conditioner. This will act as a protective barrier between the water and your hair.

Don’t go crazy with the products.

As a person with curly hair, you need to know which products are suitable for you. You can’t just use everything in the store. In the same way, you also have to know how much of each product you can use. A common problem of people with all hair textures is the overuse of hair products. People use a palmful of shampoo when they only really need a quarter-sized amount. Overusing product will weigh down your curls and make it look limp and matted. Generally, you need about a quarter-size amount for the best natural shampoo and conditioner. Lather both so that it covers all your hair strands. Make sure you also rinse out your hair well. Pro Tip: Apply all hair products when your locks are still damp. This will allow for better absorption of the hair product.

Go easy with heat styling.

deal with curly hair, curly hair care

Heat styling can damage any hair type, but working with an already fragile hair type like curls makes it even more difficult. Yes, blow dryer diffusers and hair curlers are convenient tools to use, but try to limit their use to special occasions. Daily styling with heat can cause breakage and damage to curly hair. Air drying is the best choice for day-to-day styling. If you really need to use a blow dryer, use a diffuser so that the heat is distributed evenly. The diffuser will allow you to dry your hair without affecting the curl pattern. Direct heat will just damage the strands and make your hair a puffy, frizzy nightmare.

Protect your hair at night.

Many women wrap their hair at night to protect it from damage. This is a good habit to have, but you also have to consider the material you are using to wrap your hair. A cotton T-shirt is not good for curly hair because the cotton fibers will remove moisture from the hair. Using a satin scarf is the best practice for hair wrapping. Using a smooth fabric will not damage your hair and it keeps it shiny by preserving the moisture content of the locks. If you don’t want to wrap your hair, you could also just use a silk pillowcase.

Make your hair a pineapple.

Pineappling is a hair-tying style that will help give you defined curls. Before you hit the sack, you need to tie your hair to protect it from damage. By making your hair into a pineapple, we mean that you gather your hair at the highest part of your head and tie it loosely. This gives you a pineapple look (fluffy and feathery on top). When you wake up the next day, you can just untie your hair and wear your hair in loose curls. The pineapple technique will help define your curls while also preserving the volume and bounciness of your hair.

There’s a bit more maintenance do deal with when you have curly hair. But, take care of your hair by following these easy hair hacks, and you will see how beautiful curly hair can be. Aside from following the above-mentioned tips, you also need to make sure that you are using high-quality hair products. Check out the wide selection at  Osensia. You’re sure to find something for all hair types there. It’s a one-stop shop for all your hair care needs.

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