Brush It Off! Finding The Perfect Brush For You

September 18, 2020

Brush It Off! Finding The Perfect Brush For You

When I was a little girl, I would always wonder why my mom had so many brushes and combs on her dresser table. They were all so pretty and eye-catching for me. I distinctly remember this small green and white porcelain handled brush with little white flower details. It was small and handy and perfect for my size. I had to sneak into her room just to use it. Sadly, even if she doesn’t really use all of them, she won’t allow me to play with them either.

She would only let me use a regular comb. The one with the classic design where one is fine-toothed to one side and wide-toothed on the other. And although it did the job and came in many different colors, I still pined for that green and white porcelain handled brush.

This little story reminds me of just how varied to options are in using combs and brushes for the hair. I did not know what all of them were called back then but today, thanks to blogs like 9 Types of Hair Brushes for Different Hair Types and the ton of videos I have access to online, I have gotten to know what these brushes are called, what their uses are and ultimately, how to select the best type that would fit my hair.

Let’s check out some of them.

The Paddle Brush

I received a red and white polka-dotted paddle brush last Christmas and it is my absolute favorite. I have very fine hair and I am typically very wary of using brushes but this paddle brush really does a great job of smoothing out my locks. I love the feel of the round tip bristles on my scalp and it leaves my hair shiny. On the other hand, I still get scared of the hair that gets caught in it. It can be such a chore to clean it out, too, since I sometimes couldn't take all the hair out.

One nifty little trick I learned on the internet is to put a dryer sheet over the bristles and press it down before brushing the hair. It will trap any hair fall and will make cleaning up easier. Just remove the dryer sheet and throw it away. You will be left with a clean brush and nice smelling hair. Apparently, it also removes static!

You can easily identify this hairbrush type because it is generally shaped rectangular or oval. It is often made from plastic, wood, or ceramic, while its bristles are made of different materials. Regardless of what these bristles are made of tough, they are usually sitting on top of a soft cushion, allowing them to massage through the scalp easily and distribute the natural hair oils.

Paddle brushes are great for all types of hair and it allows for good scalp stimulation and better shine. To avoid too much hair fall, be gentle with your strokes. It will do your hair a great deal. Additionally, bigger paddle brushes are ideal for thicker hair as it covers a big portion in one stroke.

The Teasing Hair Brush

Another very popular tool for styling is the teasing hairbrush. This is a great alternative to the rattail comb that has very fine teeth. The teasing brush is small and easy to grip since it has a thicker paddle. The bristles are also dense and close-knit to allow capture and teasing of the hair to be easier.

This is a staple brush under any stylist or hairdresser's belt. However, I do not know a lot of people who own a teasing brush at home since teasing the hair isn’t something done daily. The needed volume is often remedied by using a mousse or dry shampoo. If you are more old-school, though, then keep this type of brush within reach. Fluff up and tease the portion of hair where you need the extra volume and you are great to go!

The Vented Hair Brush

Unlike the paddle hairbrush, the head of the vented hairbrush is quite smaller. It makes it much handier even on the go.

Some people have the misconception that this brush will only slow down the process of drying their hair because of the size. However, the truth is this hairbrush can actually improve the speed of the entire hair drying process. The vents or slats at the back of this brush allow air to conveniently move in and out. The holes or the vents are strategically positioned so that the air released from the hairdryer can easily circulate around the strands. This helps in drying them in an instant and drastically reducing the overall drying time.

So what is the major benefit of using the vented hairbrush type? Since it reduced the amount of time exposed to the blow dryer, it can help lessen the damage caused by heat styling.

The Wet Hair Brush

I’ve already mentioned the detangling brush and how it works so well in fixing those nasty tangles. And it is really a life safer but the detangling brush is not recommended for wet hair straight out of the shower. It might cause your hair more harm and hair fall. Instead, use a wet hairbrush.

They come in with stiffer bristles and are often made of silicon. There are lots of these in the market now and you can even use it to really work in the shampoo you’re using. It functions like a massager, too, and it would be so perfect to use with a hair mask and distribute it evenly from roots to tips.

The wider gap within the bristles was also designed to mimic a wide-toothed comb. This helps avoid too much tension to the roots when combing wet hair. After the shower, hair is so much more prone to hair fall so having this type of brush can be a blessing to your crowning glory.

The Ceramic Round Brush

If your day is not complete without using a blow dryer for styling, the ceramic round brush should be your best friend.

The ceramic barrel of this brush is perfect for styling and achieving those Brazilian Blow Out level types of waves. These sexy tresses can be achieved with the use of a blow-dryer nozzle and a ceramic round brush. It is also perfect for smoothening out those stubborn frizzes to help make the hair more posh and sleek.

The barrel of the round brush is capable of absorbing the heat that comes from your dryer which reinforces it to the curling process. The heat is spread out more evenly to the portion of the hair on this brush and so it gives you those curls you so desire.

Since there are many options for the size of the brush, it also varies the size of the curls. From 1” brushes for more compact curls to 2” barrels, take your pick from the many ceramic round brush options and style away. Play out those lovely waves for a beachy type of look. Add some volumizing sprays and use a serum to help protect your hair from the heat.

The Detangling Brush

If you can only afford or tolerate adding just a single brush to your arsenal (because you are low-key lazy or just super low maintenance like me) then you absolutely have to have a detangler brush.

From the name itself, it rids your hair of those nasty tangles that develop overnight. Waking up with a bird’s nest instead of orderly hair is such a common occurrence for me. It is in fact, the norm. Sometimes the tangles get so severe that it actually causes me pain when I try to go through it with a regular comb. Not the best way to start a morning beauty routine, I am telling you that.

So save yourself the trouble and use your detangling brush. It has thin, soft, and flexible bristles that work with your hair -not against it. This allows for a less painful experience and lesser hair fall. For someone like me who has fine hair, it lessens my stress to see fewer hair caught in the brush.

This is highly recommended for children, too. Kids can be so active and hardly pay attention to how their hair state is. Ever had a child with bubblegum in their hair? Yup, you know what I mean. It is more than just a tangled mess there but having a good detangler can be so helpful. There are even some detangling brushes made specifically for kids. The size is just right and the designs are pretty fun to allow proper hair care habits to develop at a young age.

There you have it, five of the most commonly used brushes. These are everyday tools that we sometimes do not pay too much attention to but they are critical in managing our tresses and keeping them beautiful. Healthy hair is beautiful hair and with the right set of tools, you can really maximize your styling experience.

So which one is your favorite brush and why do you prefer it over the other? Send us a comment below. You might have some brusher you’d like us to talk about more.

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Elizabeth OQuinn
Elizabeth OQuinn

October 28, 2020

Great brush – good for shorter hair too

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