October 28, 2020

Have you ever experienced those days where you are just nor happy to see your reflection on the mirror? Has there ever been a time when a person’s comment on your hair or clothes have totally ruined your day? You have probably experienced this at one time or another. I for one have been incessantly bombarded with these negative comments masked as concern from even the very people I had hope to support me. But then again, enough is enough. We have to learn to see beauty from our own eyes first. It all starts with self-care.

October is Mental-health Awareness Month and for everyone suffering from anxiety, paranoia and everything in between, one very crucial step is to have awareness of the things we can control versus those that we can’t. For instance, I weigh 80 kilos and at a 5’3 standpoint, I am pretty heavy. Now, I cannot magically turn to a size one overnight even if I wanted to. It just is not possible but i can start controlling my thoughts and improve how I view myself. I starts by embracing the imperfect version of myself.

I can start with nutrition, a better and more active lifestyle if possible. Embrace my natural beauty and enhance it. NO more hiding in baggy clothe. I am curvy and I should own it. I have dark spots, stretchmarks and uneven skin tone. Guess what... so doe everyone else! My hair is precariously thinning at the top and my natural curls are sometimes limp or flat. Can I do something about my hair state? I absolutely can! And you know what, so can you!

In not too many or expensive ways, I can definitely give myself a punch of self confidence by just taking better care of my self. Today, let me share with you some ways on how to better achieve this feel-good transformation by starting at our crowning glory.

If you are like me, who has frail and fine hair strands, thickening the hair out is the way to go. And i know what your thinking, “Is it even possible?”. Absolutely! You’ll just need to use the right hair care products and the right hair care regimen.

  1. The Perfect Shampoo

There is, somewhere out there, a perfect shampoo for you. One the thickens your hair strands and nourishes with only the best natural ingredients. Ever heard of Biotin? Yup, that is the stuff. If you want to feed your hair the vitamins it needs to grow strong and healthy, picking the right shampoo is the best start. Then from there, it is knowing how to use it.

For a lot of hair types, like coily, curly and damaged hair, it is not a good idea to wash hair everyday. In fact, most experts agree that shampooing our hair daily can often lead to further damage. The science behind that is shampoo, no matter how gentle, can strip the hair of its natural oils and make the hair brittle. This is why washing the hair 2 to three times a week is recommended. It will allow the hair time to rest. Also, if you are not really leading a very active lifestyle or sweating too much, this will totally work for you. In this age of work at home where you are just sitting in front of your computer all day, our hair is no longer as exposed to dirt or harsh elements. It pays to try out this new routine and see how your hair reacts.

  1. Co-wash In Between

If you have found the perfect shampoo to cleanse your hair, then you will need to partner it with a conditioner that will nourish and strengthen your tresses. In fact, these two go so well together, you can have them in one powerful bundle.

For those days when you won’t shampoo your hair, using a suitable conditioner will do the job of protecting your hair and moisturizing it at the same time. There is no better feeling than having toucheably soft and fragrant hair after taking a shower. The strengthening part is a very big plus to that, too. I surely would love to see lesser strands on my towel or hairbrush when I comb.

  1. Brush It Off

Oh, now speaking of brushes, it pays to invest in a few good ones that will take of the maintenance for your hair. Take your pick on what will best work for you but I will definitely suggest a good detangler brush.

  • The Detangling Brush

From the name itself, it rids your hair of those nasty tangles that develop overnight. Waking up with a bird’s nest instead of orderly hair is such a common occurrence for me. It is in fact, the norm. Sometimes the tangles get so severe that it actually causes me pain when i try to go through it with a regular comb. Not the best way to start a morning beauty routine, I am telling you that.

So save yourself the trouble and use your detangling brush. It has thin, soft and flexible bristles that work with your hair - not against it. This allows for a less painful experience and lesser hair fall. For someone like me who has fine hair, it lessens my stress to see fewer hair caught in the brush.

This is highly recommended for children, too. Kids can be so active and hardly pay attention to how their hair state is. Ever had a child with bubblegum in their hair? Yup, you know what I mean. It is more than just a tangled mess there but having a good detangler can be so helpful. There are even some detangling brushes made specifically for kids. The size is just right and the designs are pretty fun to allow proper hair care habits develop at a young age.

  • The Ceramic Round Brush

If your day is not complete without using a blow dryer for styling, the ceramic round brush should be your best friend.

The ceramic barrel of this brush is perfect for stying and achieving those Brazillian Blow Out level types of waves. These sexy tresses can be achieved with the use of a blow dyer nozzle and the ceramic round brush. It is also perfect for smoothening out those stubborn frizzies to help make the hair more posh and sleek.

The barrel of the round brush is capable of absorbing the heat that comes from your dryer which reinforces it to the curling process. The heat is spread out more evenly to the portion of the hair on this brush and so it gives you those curls you so desire.

Since there are a many options for the size of the brush, it also varies the size of the curls. From 1” brushes for more compact curls to 2” barrels, take your pick from the many ceramic round brush options and style away. Play out those lovely waves for a beachy type of look. Add some volumizing sprays and use a serum to help protect your hair from the heat.

  • The Paddle Brush

You can easily identify this hair brush type because it is generally shaped rectangular or oval. It is often made from plastic, wood, or ceramic, while its bristles are made of different materials. Regardless of what these bristles are made of though, they are usually sitting on top of a soft cushion, allowing them to massage through the scalp easily and distribute the natural hair oils.

Paddle brushes are great for all types of hair and it allows for a good scalp stimulation and better shine. To avoid too much hair fall, be gentle with your strokes. It will do your hair a great deal. Additionally, bigger paddle brushes are ideal for thicker hair as it covers a big portion in one stroke.

  1. Step Out And Have Fun!

The basics of taking care of our hair is essential in keeping it healthy. Styling one’s hair, though, is a different ballgame alltogether!

  • The Bigger, The Better

If it is volume you want, it is volume you would get! A fuller more voluminous hair that stays that way all day – the answer is dry shampoo!

Infused with the power of nature’s best, the argan oil in this dry shampoo makes the hair fuller and healthier. With the ability to boost growth and antibacterial properties, this dry shampoo will surely keep your hair feeling fresh and full!

  • Beachy Waves All Year Long

You want to feel like the beach babe you absolutely are, then this texturizing spray will be your new best friend! Defined waves that look like they’ve been effortlessly formed after a day in the beach – yes that is the look we want! Can I hear a La Vie Bohem?

  • Block Out The Frizzies

After taking such good care of our tresses, the last thing we would want to see are frizzy hair sticking out. I surely would’t want that ruining my day out. The solution, a Hair Smoothing Serum for Damaged Frizzy Hair .Not only does it promise to keep the frizzies out, it also aims to get rid of split ends. Now that is one deal I cannot resist.

And there you have it, some basic hair care that would make you feel Oh-So-Good all over. Confidence and self-love is key to take great care of our body and mental health as well. The journey might be long but just take that first step. And if you ever need a reminder, look at the mirror and say: I am beautiful in every way. I am worth it!

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