9 Types of Hair Brushes for Different Hair Types

February 12, 2019

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Back then, hair brushes were used as styling tools that only the rich can afford. These items were so expensive that they were often given as presents on special occasions only. As centuries passed, hair brushes were eventually handcrafted, hence they became more affordable.

9 Types of Hair Brushes for Different Hair Types Infographics

Today, the world benefits from the many different types of hair brushes. Let's find out more about each type below.

Paddle Hair Brush

1. Paddle Hair Brush

This type of hair brush probably derived its name from the shape of its wide base that resemble a paddle. Thanks to the wide base, one can expose more of his or her hair to a blow dryer when drying.

Paddle hair brushes are very popular these days because they allow the cuticles of the strands to lie flat on them. These brushes are ideal not only for those who want to make their hair shiny; it’s also perfect for those who wish to detangle strands.

Anyone can use the paddle type hair brush. That means whether you have thick or thin hair, this brush will work perfectly fine for you.

You can easily identify this hair brush type because it is generally shaped rectangular or oval. It is often made from plastic, wood, or ceramic, while its bristles are made of different materials. Regardless of what these bristles are made of, they are usually sitting on top of a soft cushion, allowing them to massage through the scalp easily and distribute the natural hair oils.

2. Vented Hair Brush

Unlike the paddle hair brush, the head of the vented hair brush is quite smaller. That is probably the reason why some people do not use it for the fear that it will only slow down the process of drying their hair.

The truth is this hair brush can actually improve the speed of the entire hair drying process. Because it has vents at the back of this brush, air conveniently moves in and out.

The holes or the vents are strategically positioned there so that the air released from the hair blower can easily circulate around the strands, drying them in an instant and drastically reducing the overall drying time.

Since the drying time is reduced, one major benefit of using the vented hair brush type is the reduced amount of damage caused by heat styling.

Now, if you do not fancy the idea of blow drying the hair, you can still benefit from this hair brush type. However, you won’t just enjoy the full perks that others will. So, it’d be better if you choose a different hair brush type that suits you.

It is worth noting, though, that even if you do not use a blow dryer, it is important that you know this hair brush does not give you full control over your hairstyle.  

3. Ceramic Round Brush

For those of you who want to curl their hair but hate the idea of using curling irons, the ceramic round brush is the perfect choice for you. This brush does not only detangle and smoothen the strands; it also gently shapes and molds the hair to achieve those perfect curls.

Although this hair brush promises beautiful results, you should know that you need to know how to properly use it first. Until you master the art of operating it, you might have a hard time in achieving a beautiful hairstyle.

The secret to styling the hair with a ceramic round brush is to ensure that the bristles have a firm grip on your hair. Keep them in place while styling or else, your strands will slip out.  

Ceramic Round Brush

4. Detangling Hair Brush

One common problem people experience with their hair is that it seems to be always tangled, even if it’s already dry. That is why detangling hair brushes are introduced.

While you can safely use it on dry hair, it is advised not to use it on wet hair because hair is most vulnerable when wet. If you insist on using this brush, it can cause hair damage.

If you want to control and manage your frizzy hair, this hair brush is for you.

5. Wooden Round Hair Brush

Round brushes are  popular hair styling tools for increasing volume and creating an illusion of movement to the strands in the form of curls. These brushes are ideal for almost all hair types because they come in different sizes. Whether you have a short or long hair, know that you can find the perfect wooden round hair brush size for you.

However, these days, more and more hairstyling fanatics opt for the smaller sizes. The reason is that the smaller the size of the brush, the tighter the curl that will be created.

If you are concerned that you might damage your hair when brushing it, then relax. This hair brush can be used even in the absence of heat. Therefore, you can style your hair anytime you want.

6. Teasing Hair Brush

One way to add weightless volume to your hair is to tease your hair. Then again, the process can be damaging, especially when done incorrectly or when you use an ordinary comb to create knots in the hair.

By using a teasing hair brush, you need not worry about hair damage because this hair brush type has been designed to let you backcomb your strands without damaging them.  

If you want to buy a teasing brush, make sure you choose one with boar bristles. They are gentler on the hair, so they won’t cause breakage. Also, look for a teasing brush with a sharp-pointed handle. You can use it to separate or divide your hair, so you can have more control over your hairstyle.

Without a pointed handle, you need to master and be comfortable with using another brush for separating your strands. That could be quite inconvenient, right?

When used properly and correctly, a teasing hair brush can instantly add weightless volume to your hair minus the hair damage.

Teasing Hair Brush

7. Cushioned Hair Brush

If your hair is prone to damage, you have to do everything to keep it from breaking. But since you’ll still need to comb it to smoothen and detangle it, we suggest you invest in a cushioned hair brush type or a  soft bristle paddle brush.

As the name suggests, this hair brush has a soft cushion, where the bristles are attached. So whenever you brush your strands, the bristles will smoothly move with the brushing motion against your scalp.

Other hair brush types do not have a soft cushion, which means they won’t be forgiving and gentle when used. For that reason, if your scalp is sensitive or if your hair is damaged, you might want to avoid other hair brush types and buy a cushioned hair brush instead.

8. Straightening Hair Brush

A straightening hair brush is often used as a styling tool. It is designed to work as a hair brush and a flat iron at the same time. Since it is a heat styling tool, it will rely incredibly on high temperatures to straighten those stubborn strands.  

When using this hair brush, it is important that you practice caution. Sometimes, the temperature can reach up to 550 degrees. Although it’s a great temperature for the most stubborn hair, it can also cause you to burn yourself.

There are many other concerns regarding this hair brush. One is that because of the high temperature, it can cause severe damage to the hair or might cause you to burn yourself. Another concern is that the tips of the bristles may catch on the hair, resulting in  common hair problems like breakage or split ends. While it happens rarely, it is essential that you are aware of these issues so you won’t have disappointments in the long run.

9. Wet Hair Brush

Brushing the hair while it is wet is a way to damage it. By doing so, it is possible that you break off the strands or pull them out at the roots. That is why hair care experts do not suggest brushing the hair when it is wet.

However, if you need to brush your hair when it is wet, you might want to consider using a wet hair brush. This hair brush is specially designed for brushing wet hair. Since the bristles of this brush are stiff, they will just mimic the movement a comb does. Therefore, if you use this brush, it’ll just glide and slide through the hair.

Be reminded, though. This hair brush isn’t made to replace a traditional comb. Rather, it’s an excellent alternative if you want to smoothen the strands while they’re wet, but you worry about breaking them.

Wet Hair Brush


Each of these types of hair brushes has different functions. While some are meant to smoothen the strands while they’re wet, others are designed to straighten those stubborn curls. There are some that work to detangle the strands, too. And although it’s not really necessary, if you are a true hair care fan, you might want to invest in all these hair brush types. That way, you’d have a brush to use for different hair care emergencies.

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