8 of the Best Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

October 30, 2018

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Our hair is our crowning glory. Thus, we should not take it for granted and must know the importance of taking care of it. While those with curly hair may require extra care, that should not be a valid excuse not to care the hair because there are plenty of hair care products to use.  

Now, if those people with thick hair have difficulties in keeping their hair in place, imagine how much struggle people with curly hair go through every day because of humidity, tangles, frizz? Well, we’re not talking about easy-peasy wash-and-go method. Caring for curly hair takes a lot of time, effort, and practice. It even requires the right formula and technique.

You might now ask: How do we really tame those curls and achieve a smooth and silky hair style? Are the hair care products we use effective? Won’t they cause hair damage?  

Truth be told, there are tons of products formulated specifically for curly hair, which makes it difficult for us to decide which products to use to attain those healthy locks.

Best Hair Care Products for Curly Hair Infographics


From shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hair mousses, creams, and oils, there are many hair care products that every curly-haired girl can use to look better. But first, we suggest you try these 8 Osensia products. You'll see that your life will be easier and your curls will be on-fleek all day, every day.

1. O So Curly Shampoo

Shampoo helps remove dirt and oil from the scalp. Since there are different shampoos formulated for different types of hair, you need to be extra careful in picking the right formula that is appropriate and safe for your curls.  

Osensia’s O So Curly Shampoo hydrates the hair, gives it the boost it needs, and defines your curls. It also protects the hair that is color-treated. The good thing about using this product is it contains natural ingredients, such as grapefruit extract and avocado oil, which help detangle your curls.  

On top of that, it is also paraben-free. So, it absolutely gives you the assurance that your hair is protected from harmful chemicals. To use, apply an ample amount that is sufficient to your wet curls from roots to ends. Then, massage it gently. Rinse it thoroughly after. For satisfying results, pair it with our O So Curly Conditioner.  

Curious about how ourO So Curly conditioner helps your curls? Let’s tackle more about it.

2. O So Curly Conditioner

O So Curly Conditioner should be included in your hair regimen as it plays a vital role to keep your curly hair healthy and voluminous. Not only is it used to moisturize your curls, but it also conditions your locks and makes it more manageable.  

This conditioning product also helps fight frizz and detangle those knots, making easier to comb your hair. Additionally, it helps restore hair damage and less split ends.  

By investing in our O So Curly Conditioner, you’re spending your money on the right product. At the same time, it will help define your curls perfectly and keep them looking sexy all day long. Further, it boosts shine because it is filled with hydrating natural extracts and oil. It is also paraben-free.  

To use, simply apply a right amount to damp hair and start massaging from the mid-lengths through to the ends. Rinse.

3. O so Wow Detangler Primer

If your curly hair needs more moisture and extra hydration, Osensia’s O so Wow Detangler Primer is made for you. By using this product, you will reap more benefits, not just for your curls, but for your scalp, too.  

Since it contains Aloe and chamomile, it heals and soothes both hair and scalp. It also has pro Vitamin B5, which boosts shine and condition your hair. Using this leave-in conditioner will also give you those glossy locks and smooth hair you always wanted.  

It’s so important to keep your curls moisturized every day to keep the hydration locked in and to strengthen your strands. If you’re always exposed under the heat of the sun or if you have color-treated hair, there is nothing to worry about. O so Wow Detangler Primer has UV protectants, which protect color from fading.  

To use, shake well first. Spray lightly and evenly on your damp curls. Make sure to comb it in a gentle way since wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage.

4. O so Wow Wave & Curl Booster

Frizzy hair is the enemy here. To fight it, use Osensia’s O so Wow Wave & Curl Booster. It will literally make you say “Wow!”  

This curl defining cream provides prolonged hold, adds perfect definition to your curls, and shields your hair from the humid environment. It is also infused with active botanicals, such as Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil to give moisture, shine, and definition to your curls. If you color-treated your hair, this product works just fine for you.  

To use, apply it through towel dried hair, diffuse with blow-dryer, or let it air dry, to achieve beautiful, soft curls. Be amazed with your curls that stays in place all day long.  

Pro tip: Another way to prevent your curls from falling flat is by scrunching it. Simply gather some sections of your hair in your fist and squeeze it a few times. That way, it will keep your curls in shape. For an added bounce, apply O so Wow Wave & Curl Booster before scrunching it. Learn how to achieve long-lasting curls by using a curl defining cream.

5. O so Stylish Volumizing Mousse

Mousse has earned a bad reputation for being sticky and making hair brittle. But with Osensia’s lightweight O so Stylish Volumizing Mousse, it’s the other way around because it is formulated to give your curls a light hold, enough to run your fingers through.  

A hair mousse gives curls extra body, hold, and volume, which allows you to achieve your ideal hairstyle. Moreover, by using this product, you’ll feel confident that your curls will stay in place all day, even if you’re in a humid environment.  

Before using this hair volume mousse, be sure that you shake it well. It is best to apply a small amount into your palms first. From there, work through towel dried hair from roots to ends. Dry it using a blow dryer or let it air dry. For best results, you can use all our O so Stylish products daily.  

By the way, this product works for color-treated hair, too. It preserves your hair color, thanks to the healing herbal extracts and proteins infused in this mousse. Give those curls a bouncy look and say goodbye to your bad hair days.

6. O So Bright Shine Spray

After styling your hair, complete your look with a texturizing spray to produce more hold. It won’t just add texture to your curls; it also works as a dry shampoo, helping reduce excess oils and add more volume and shine. When spritzing the right hair texturizing spray, your hair will be protected from any dulling effects caused by heat damage since it contains UV protectant.  

If you are looking for an effective hair texturizing spray, we recommend our very own O So Bright Shine Spray. To use, hold the bottle 10-12 inches from your hair. Then, spray sparingly on wet or dry hair. You can spray it again if there’s a need for your curls to restore their shiny appearance.  

7. O So Calm Smoothing Serum

If your curls are overexposed to the sun, are exposed to too much shampoo, and have been damaged because of overusing heat styling tools, trust our O So Calm Smoothing Serum. This product is formulated to bring your hair back to life.  

With Pro-Vitamin B5 that’s contained in this product, your hair will reap more benefits, such as split ends reduction, less hair breakage and adds extra shine.   

Another thing, this product is infused with keratin protein formulas and algae extract, which create a fritz-free definition and smoothen and soften curls with less to no greasy side effects.  

To use, towel dry your hair and put a small amount on your fingertips. Apply through the ends while your hair is damp. Diffuse with a blow dryer or let it air dry.

8. O so Nurtured Argan Oil

Argan oil is proven to be effective in making the hair shinier and silkier. It even reduces split ends. Hence, if you want to have silky and shiny curls, we suggest you add O so Nurtured Argan Oil to your hair care routine.  

Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, this product helps your curls recover from any harmful effects caused by heat damage or prolonged exposure to the sun.  

To use, apply a small amount into your palm and massage it to your damp hair for a nourished and nurtured healthy glow. Give your hair a break from using chemical build-up and witness how your curls transform amazingly.  


It is true that those who are born with natural curls need a lot of maintenance. There are even times when you feel like your curls are already very irritating and frustrating to you. But once you finally embrace the use of only the best natural hair care products, you’ll end up thankful for having those beautiful, sassy curls.  

And if you keep using Osensia products, you’re keeping those gorgeous locks safe from any harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to love your curls, so they will love you back!

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