10 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Hair from Getting Damaged While Sleeping

March 28, 2019

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

What is your nighttime hair care regimen? How does it start? How do you end it? Well, for many hair and beauty enthusiasts, a great nighttime hair care routine starts with at least seven hours of sleep. That is because for them, hair health can be significantly affected by rest.

But that does end there? No. Continue reading to find out and discover more tips on how to keep your hair from getting damaged while sleeping.

The Perfect Nighttime Hair Care Routine

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

There is no such thing as “perfect” nighttime hair care routine. It's just a matter of how you keep up with it.

When we say nighttime beauty regimen, people often associate it with skin care. For that reason, some women tend to forget about paying attention to their tresses, especially while sleeping.

A perfect nighttime hair care routine does not necessarily have to be very special. In fact, adding a simple hair mask or treatment into your routine can already work magic on your tresses.

Interestingly, dozing with your locks laid down works great, too. The same goes with resting or sleeping on a soft pillow.

However, that does not end there. To further protect your tresses while you are sleeping, we’ve collected a few handy hair care tips to consider before you decide to call it a night.  

From investing in silk pillowcases to something as easy as removing your clip-on hair extensions before hitting the hay, check out these 10 surprising ways to keep your hair from getting damaged while sleeping:

1. Do not sleep with your locks tied up in a bun or ponytail.

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

You may think that dozing with your locks tied up in a high bun or a ponytail appear harmless. But the truth is, it is. The tension you put on your hair while it is tied up for hours can strain your strands and scalp. If not prevented, it can result in drastic hair loss.

Of course, we understand that you just want to keep your strands away from your face. So to help you with that, we suggest you ditch any tight hairdo and opt for a loose hairstyle. It could be a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid, or an easy three-strand braid.

Braiding your hair overnight will not only save your strands from breakage due to tension. It can also keep them from rubbing against the pillows. Also, there are  other styling perks that come with braiding your hair overnight. One is waking up to gorgeous, effortless waves.

2. Dry your strands before hitting the sack.

Washing your strands at night will definitely save you time in the morning, especially when you are in a rush. But you should take note that hair is vulnerable when it is wet. That is why it is important to let your strands dry completely before tying it up into a high bun.

If you wish to wash your tresses at night, make sure you let it air dry for at least one or two hours. Better yet, invest in a best professional ceramic ionic tourmaline hair dryer to prevent frizz and damage.  

It would also be great if you use best shine spray product through your strands to quicken the entire blow drying process and prevent further damage.

3. Invest in a high-quality silk pillowcase.

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

Are you planning to get a silk pillowcase? Then now is the right time to do so.

Although making a change from using cotton pillowcases to silks is a costly investment, your tresses will eventually thank you. Compared to cotton, silk is a much gentler fabric. The small fibers in silk pillowcases can keep your ends from getting damaged, most especially if have this odd tossing and turning sleeping habit.

4. Wear a fabric hair scrunchie.

Like hair care products and equipment, your hair will look even better with some accessories on. But instead of using the usual elastic bands, you should start using one that is made of fabric.

Though they are soft, they can securely keep your hairstyle without putting tension on individual strands. Plus, they are less harmful.

5. Wrap your tresses in a satin or silk scarf.

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

Like investing in a silk pillowcase, buying a silk or satin scarf and wrapping it around your head can make a great difference in your hair’s health. A satin scarf not only protects your strands, but also keeps your hairstyle intact. Yes, you read that right!

Regardless if it’s just for a day or two, wearing a satin scarf while sleeping can preserve your lovely braids and curls. It will also keep you from waking up to a bad hair day. If a satin scarf is not available, a silk turban or bonnet can do the trick.

Now, take your nighttime hair care regimen to the next level by buying a quality silk scarf.

6. Consider applying an overnight hair treatment.

If you truly love your hair, you should know that it is of utmost importance to incorporate treatments and masks into your regular hair care practice. However, we have to accept the fact that 15-minute masks do not always yield great results.

Because of that, we suggest you put to good use the time you spend sleeping. Before you go to bed, apply a hair mask and leave it on overnight. That way, your hair is hydrated and properly moisturized.

Depending on your current hair condition and type, it is best that you do this at least one or two times a month.  

Then again, we should warn you that finding the best hair treatment that suits you might not be an easy task. Today, there are many available hair care treatments out there. While some are effective, others only advertise false claims.

What we recommend is you choose a hair mask treatment that contains coconut oil. You won’t go wrong with it.

7. Brush your hair for a better shine.

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

Have you heard of the old beauty tale that tells you to brush your hair at least a hundred times daily to keep it shiny and long? Until now, it’s still a myth. And we won’t try to prove it, too.  

But there is one thing we know for sure. Brushing your locks with the right  type of hair brush will guarantee you a tangle-free morning.

If making your hair shiny is the goal, you may use a flexi brush nylon bristles. This type of hair brush is widely used for its unique ability to distribute the natural oils evenly, from your scalp down.

8. Massage the scalp gently.

The sad truth is that most of us ignore our scalp’s health. We do not know that the shine and strength of our hair rely on it.

If you want to give the scalp an added boost of TLC, then think about ending your daily nighttime hair care regimen with a soft and gently massage. Don't worry because it’s a no-brainer task.

Simply let your locks down. Using your fingers, massage your scalp as if you’re applying shampoo onto it. Do this for at least two minutes.

Massaging the scalp does not only help your tresses to become shiny. It also promotes proper blood circulation, which is also associated with healthy hair growth.

9. Use a dry shampoo.

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

Again, hair is more vulnerable when it is wet. So if you do not like the idea of washing it at night before sleeping and waiting for it to completely dry, then you can try using the best dry shampoo.

You might also want to know that over shampooing can get rid of the natural oils in your hair. If these oils are not present, then there is a chance that hair will become brittle and dry.

To clean your tresses with a dry shampoo, simply massage it onto the roots. If you are not sure about what you’re doing, read the instructions provided on the labels.  

By using a dry shampoo, all the excess oils in your scalp will be absorbed. Sweat in your hair will also be reduced.

10. Remove any hair extensions.

Regardless whether you have a wide collection of hair extensions or not, we recommend that you remove it from your hair before going to bed.

Sure, hair extensions may not cause damage to your strands during the day. But wearing them at night may cause your locks to tangle. That can be extremely damaging to both your extensions and hair.

Wrapping Up!

nighttime hair care regimen, hair care routine, hair care

By considering these simple tips and adding them to your nighttime hair care regimen, rest assured your tresses are protected as you sleep. You'd even probably wake up better hair days, without fuss and flyway!

But if you are quite hesitant about using our tips, you can always seek the opinion of a hair care expert first. Ask what hacks work for your hair type best or what natural hair care products to use to wake up to effortless waves.

Do you think these tips make wonderful additions to your nighttime hair care regimen? If you do, then share this article with your friends now!

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