10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love This 2019

June 04, 2019

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love This 2019

Mother’s Day should not only be celebrated every second Sunday of May 2019. It should be celebrated every single day. Your mother is the single most important woman in your life. You literally wouldn’t be here if not for her. Every year, when this holiday rolls around, it’s nice to stop and reflect on all that she has done for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to give back to someone who has given you so much?

However, we cannot deny the fact that finding the perfect present for a special woman is quite challenging. After all, she deserves only the best. This is why we have to treat her with thoughtful, unique, and creative gift ideas that will leave a mark on her.

In this post, we have put together 10 of the best gift ideas this 2019 you can offer your mom, a grandma, or your mother-in-law. Check them out:

1. Shiatsu Foot Massager

foot massager, mother's day gift ideas

If you think your mama deserves to relax and chill, then this Shiatsu foot massager makes a great present. There’s nothing more rejuvenating and uplifting than a massage. The physical kneading of your muscles and soft tissues just remove the tension and tightness you are carrying in your body. You might not be able to book her a day at the spa, but this is also a wonderful gift choice. By buying her a foot massager, she can pamper her tired and overworked feet any day of the week. She won’t have to leave the house or go to a spa just to feel relaxed.

2. O so Stylish Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo, mother's day gift ideas

What parent has time to wash their hair every day? With the constant chaos and tons of responsibilities a parent has to take on, it’s understandable that some things, like hair care, are less off a priority. This is especially true for the mother of young children. Sometimes, keeping the hair in a ponytail is all they can do, and washing their hair becomes a luxury. But, that’s okay. Besides, too much washing can dry out your hair. You don’t have to wash your hair daily, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make an effort to keep your locks looking great. With this dry shampoo, you can keep your hair smelling great without actually washing it. Start using this product for days when you are “in between” washes.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

mother's day gift ideas, salt lamp

Don’t laugh! A lamp is not such an usual gift. You might be thinking, who would even want a lamp or any appliance they can buy for themselves. Well, this is no ordinary lamp. It’s not a magic lamp, either, but it’s pretty close. These lamps are made from a salt mined in the Himalayas, and they have gained popularity in the last few years because of the benefits that they offer the users. They are known for their healing benefits as well as their very cute light pink color. These lamps are said to clean the indoor air, meaning they will help those who suffer from chronic allergies and asthma. They improve sleep because they are natural ionizers. That means that they change the electrical charge of the surrounding air in a room. The warm pink glow emitted by the lamp has a very soothing and relaxing effect. Help your mother destress and unwind by giving her a Mother’s Day gift that’s a beautiful pink lamp she can place in her bedroom.

4. Jewelry Organizer

mother's day gift ideas, jewelry organizer

The goal of any parent would be to minimize clutter in their home. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. You can easily keep everything in their place by having specific storage areas for all the big ticket items that you own. If your Mom has plenty of rings, necklaces, and bracelets, this might be the perfect gift for her. You can give her a jewelry organizer so that her vanity/dresser is completely organized. Having this essential organizer is great because it makes it so easy to access the jewelry that she wears on a daily basis. Plus, she won’t have to spend any time trying to untangle necklaces or bracelets since the organizer keeps everything nice and neat.

5. A Luxurious Robe

mother's day gift ideas, luxurious robe

You can’t discount the importance of “me” time. It’s nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy the moment without fussing over the next thing you have to do. There’s nothing better than being in comfy clothes. Let your Mom enjoy the time she has to herself. She’ll enjoy lounging around doing nothing if you give her a fabulous plush robe to laze about it.

6. Perfume

mother's day gift ideas, perfume

A person’s signature scent is like their calling card. There are just certain smells that you associate with things and people. Everyone wants to smell good, and perfume is the easiest way to do that. A little spritz here and there and you smell better than a baby. If you know your Mom’s favorite scent, why not give her a bottle? It’s a very personal gift, and it’s one she would surely appreciate. Pro Tip: We would discourage giving a new scent because fragrances are very subjective and everyone likes different type of scent. Stick to a bottle of perfume that you know she will love or one that she already uses.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils

mother's day gift ideas, essential oils

There’s an essential oil for just about every ailment and discomfort. From insomnia to coughs to headaches, there’s some sort off essential oil that can be used to help alleviate any symptoms. Get your Mother started on the journey to holistic wellness. She’ll enjoy the wonderful scents and healing and relaxing effect these oils have. These oils not only smell divine, but they also have a great mood-boosting effect. A few drops of lemon oil can leave your home interiors smelling fresh. Just a couple drops of lavender oil diffused during bedtime and you’ll find that you can sleep soundly. It’s like the stress just lifts away from your body as you inhale that relaxing and soothing scent.

8. Jewelry

mother's day gift ideas, jewelry

If you are looking to splurge, you’ll never go wrong with jewelry. There isn’t a mother on earth who would say no to a dazzling new trinket. There is a saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. When it comes to necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, you can never have too much. Each piece of jewelry has its own sentimental value. A creative gift idea would be to give your Mom a necklace with pendants of the birthstones of her children. Every parent has, at one point or another, said that their kids are precious gems. Giving her a birthstone necklace is one way to remind her of how precious you are to her.

9. Deep Cleaning

mother's day gift ideas, deep cleaning

Mother’s Day is for the special woman who gave you life and cared for you. Treat her and spoil her for the day by letting her forget about her To Do list. Take a load off her mind and schedule a deep cleaning for her house. Cleaning is always at the top of things that need to be done, and sometimes it can feel as if there’s never a shortage of rooms that need to be vacuumed and surfaces that need to be dusted. Just giving her at least one day where she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning anything up would be great. In every city, there are professional cleaners. Call a company and schedule a full deep cleaning so that your Mom can enjoy a home that’s spotless.

10. Flowers

mother's day gift ideas, flowers

Yes, it’s cliche. Yes, it’s overdone. But, it is also timeless. Flowers are beautiful and they can spark joy by their mere presence. Their lovely colors just add a joyful touch to any room they are displayed in. It’s the perfect all-around gift for anybody. If you really have no clue what to get, flowers are always a safe choice.  

Bonus Gift Idea: Detangling Brush

Of course, mom will appreciate the simplest gift you can ever give: a detangling brush. It may sound odd to present her with a brush. But she'd appreciate the thought that you care enough for her that you want to ensure she does not experience a bad hair day. When buying the best detangling brush, shop only at Osensia. Order now!

At the end of the day, your mother will appreciate any effort you put towards trying to do something nice for her. Whether you want to go all out with a grand surprise or you want to cook her a nice family meal, she will love what you give her and she would enjoy being the star of the day. Any gift can be amazing, as long as you put some thought behind it. Any gift that you give to your mom should be something that is specifically for her. It wouldn’t make sense and it isn’t practical to give her something she won’t use. If she loves flowers, get her a bouquet. If she loves books, get her something interesting to read. The secret to being a good gift giver is keeping the person in mind while you choose the present.

If you are looking for some more great Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out the range of effective and affordable  hair care products we can offer you. Pamper the queen of your life by giving her great products that will make her hair shinier and healthier.

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